All out in one push (TMI)

Isn’t that the best, guys? You plop down, wait a second, and only one dramatic push later (in which you feel multipule soft boli exiting your anus immediately one after another), your rectum is thoroughly emptied and you’re ready go skipping off unencumbered.
I remember my greatest defecation experience ever. I was in Rome, and when I felt the strong urge, I marched into a nearby restaurant/pastry shop. I bought a bottle of water in order validate my prescence, and then ran to the facilities. When I got there, however, there was no seat on the toilet. The urge was too strong and I had already bought the water, so I just used it anyway, by grabbing onto the sides while crouching down and holding myself up. Somehow, this position made everything better! I felt like I literally “dropped my guts”. In one big “fwop!”, the toilet was full, my colon was clean, and there nary any residue to wipe off (a square was enough). I was on the phone in minutes to tell my friend about the entire experience.

Well, when in Rome …

Yeah, I’ve had these. Usually its in the context of a bowel related emergency and a rush to the bathroom. Usually happens very fast and yeah, I feel significantly lighter when it happens.

OMG, I got here before Lieu!

No doubt he’s in the bathroom :smiley:

Ah yes. We used to call that “God’s Own Sh*t” in college. One push, one wipe, and you’re out the door.