All powerful world conquerors who repeatedly fail

Reading another thread, I was reminded of Dc comics’ Darkseid, the occasional antagonist of Superman. Wielder of the devastating Omega Force, he repeatedly fails to conquer the Earth. You’d think he’d just give up.

Which other all-powerful and mighty bad guys do not live up to thier reputation?

While I’m not into it myself and aren’t up on the details, I’ve heard Warhammer 40k fans sneer that Abaddon the Despoiler, the guy who leads the forces of Chaos is a failure. Because after 10,000 years of trying, he’s basically where he started.

By definition, all comic book and pulp fiction potential world conquerors, big or small, always fail.

Darn - I was sure this thread would be about Pinky and the Brain.

Age of Apocalypse, anyone?

I guess you weren’t pondering what the OP was pondering.


Mordru. Stick him in a hole in the ground and he is toast.