All religious people should be executed

DRAT! Foiled again by the Zombie Solution!

My only regret at being killed in the name of Christ would be that I wouldn’t be able to watch the endless wars when atheists start having fights about hard atheist / soft atheist / agnostic / ignostic / whatever. The level of hatred would make anything we religious guys may have done look like a wedgie and the inquisition like detention.
Once you’d defeated the “common enemy” of irrationality, purity would be required and enforced brutally.

Sorry, Der Trihs, but Voodoo is a religion. Anyone who can (or believes they can) create zombies is for the chop too.

Ok, but we kill them after they create the zombies.

I can’t believe this is serious.

But just in case: I’m not religious at all. But I have relatives and friends who are. I have an aunt who is very religious, who is almost like a second mother to me. I would not want her executed. And she’s just one of quite a few that I can think of.

But what if the zombies start their own religion? I mean they already have Jesus.

At least it would decimate the prison population.

The OP should have titled the thread All Religious People Should Be Sent To The Happy Place. S/He’d have got a far better reception.

I saw MutantMoose saying grace before a meal! And Boyo Jim was praying in the garden. I saw him on his knees!

I saw Satan fall like lightening!

I think it’s pretty clear on which side of the line Saint Nicholas would fall. You’d clearly need to get Robot Santa Claus’s help. And the only think trying to get that will lead to is coal shoved so far up your stocking you’ll be coughing up diamonds.

Don’t stop short before the job is done. We also need to exterminate the vermin queens and the coons and the reds and the jews and the swedes and the niggers and the spicks and many many others. So much work to be done.

You forgot retards, you retard.

ps. That is a joke. I don’t really think you are a retard, Rune.

Sure. That’s why you force them to zombify each other first. Then you have zombie making zombies.

Don’t be too sure; as far as I know, the question of “Jesus: Zombie or vampire?” is still up in the air.

I thought the niggers were the coons.

So who’re the coons? Belgians?

Meh, sounds like you guys need to stop being such bleeding heart crybabies. I for one endorse this OP 100%. Sometimes a we have to make a few sacrifices in the name of progress.

It is obvious that you can get a person to do anything you want if you pay them enough money. Plenty of religious people have shown they have no problem killing.

Kill 'em all, and let god sort them out.

How about instead of killing them all, why don’t we just sterilize them? Social engineering without the stigma of actual killing.

WAY easier and faster to kill people than sterilize them.

We’re talking about executing 5 billion people. We’re all going to lose people close to us in this war soldier.