All religious people should be executed

Some people are just plain selfish.

Well, over on Christian Forums I keep being told that the Golden Rule is the product of “secular humanism.”* So, I guess it calls for me to agree to your propostion, mutuantmoose.

But I should extend you the proper courtesies, so you go first. :slight_smile:

  • Yeah, I thought the same thing. Must be we have a bad translation, eh?

I wish I had a dime for every time someone whines, “Please don’t kill my family”.

Look, if it makes you feel better this is all part of God’s grand design.

If he really didn’t want auntie dead he would have made her an atheist.

I was thinking just the opposite. It’s good evidence there is no god if there’s no intervention to save any believers.

Great idea. We can kill them one by one until he shows himself!

Re: disposal of bodies. There will be a hell of a lot of books to burn, so I suggest a bonfire, chuck the bodies on top and I’ll bring the marshmallows.

Erm, will words like “hell” be permitted in the new dictatorship?

That’s right, and history shows the majority of the slaughters in the world were between atheists arguing about whether it’s right to be a hard or soft atheist.

I’ve been itching for a fresh start anyway.

Okay, then who’s going to write all the brainless religious rants?

The majority of the slaughters in the world were between people. The reasons for the slaughters were always just excuses - people will always find reasons to kill each other.

The ZCLU. Zombies don’t give up their freedom of expression just because they leave the boneyard.

Yeah I’ve heard that many times but somehow I just can’t buy it. Whether or not religion is a convenient excuse doesn’t change the fact that people were, and are still killed for not choosing the right one at the right time, or failing to live up to the conditions of the one they adhere to. It’s just one of the many harmful ideologies out there. I wouldn’t discount the impact just because it’s a symptom and not the disease itself.

Might I suggest that the slaughter of 5 billion people is such a uniquely catastrophic event that the ensuing psychological fallout could easily push large numbers of the survivors into religious ways of reflecting upon the atrocity? I mean, a thing like that… it changes people, you know?

I don’t see why OP needs to kill all the religious people, if this were a genuine aim. He could just sterlise everyone and wait things out. Why the bloodlust?

Religion isn’t genetic, though. Too many people running around spreading their ideas…

Some very large concentration camp then. Greenland?

So… 5.5 billion?

And then Der Trihs will…well, you know what happens then.

Executing them may be a little overboard. The religious should just be locked away in mental hospitals until they are cured of their delusions.