All religious people should be executed

The opposite is true, which is why you almost never meet a Libertarian fond of democracy. Democracy is about mandates pertaining to minorities. In this case, that would be you. And me.

Fruitless attempt at logic I know:

  1. Religion is evil. Look at the evil perpetrated in the name of religion.
  2. Let’s kill’em all and let non-god sort it out
  3. How is 2) not evil?

mutantmoose (and likeminded) if ever, as an atheist, you posit in a discussion that all atrocities have been committed in the name of religion - if ever you cringe when someone suggests that Hitler was an atheist as a suggestion to his motives - reflect on what you are suggesting.

To paraphrase the great prophet Bon Jovi: you give atheism a bad name. This atheist condemns such thoughts as barbaric, inhuman, and stupid beyond belief.

The better preserved zombies?

[quote=“Dostoyevsky, post:41, topic:542863”]

The opposite is true, which is why you almost never meet a Libertarian fond of democracy. Democracy is about mandates pertaining to minorities…QUOTE]

WTF does this mean?

Are you saying democracy is about limits to what can be done to or against minorities? Democracy is not at all about that. Limits are put in place to prevent an absolute democracy, which may tend to ignore or eliminate the rights of monorities.

But perhaps I am misunderstanding your meaning.

Agreed. Which is why this:

is wrong. From a dissenting minority’s viewpoint there’s nothing more antithetical to volunteerism than democracy.

The problem with religion is that, although much evil has been done in its name, even more would be done in a world without the modifying influence of religion.

Indeed, the term “evil” can be said to have achieved meaning because of religion. Without the (admittedly arbitrary) standard established by religion, there is no “evil.”

A world without religion is not a paradise of secular humanists living gently together. It’s a dog-eat-dog world of moral-less strong overpowering the weak and consuming as their power allows.

Adhering to a basic notion of Right and Wrong is what keeps us from being like the other animals; it is the only check on our natural aggression and narcissism. I should like to see just such a world as you propose so that I could enjoy the surprise on the part of those smug enough to paint all religion as net bad.

We can start with the black ones.

As I’m an Atheist myself, I too would hate to live in a world ruled by rabid Athiests, so I say let’s kill them off along with the religious nutters.

I bet the lines at the DMV would be just as long after, though.

Also the children. Can’t have them little religious brats running around. Grandmothers also.

You saying religious people are fat?

It’s all that baby eating. I mean, just look at how pudgy babies are, that’s gotta be fattening.

If we really want a better world, let’s kill everyone who believes that we should kill people who think differently than us. Because they’re the monsters. The rest of us can live much better lives without murderous ideologues running around.

Buzzards got to eat, same as worms.

Finally, a voice of sanity and reason.

You can try. Last I checked, melanin deficiency does not stop bullets.

Can’t do it. Never work.

If you kill all the religious people, who’s gonna preach at all those funerals?

Zombie preachers.

There are few problems that can’t be solved with a deft application of zombies.

I think Marley was saying that you can insult him by calling him a religious person.

This is going in my signature. I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. That would explain that whooshing sound, then. :o