All religious people should be executed

That’s the whole point - it’s not banned. The only people left alive would be people who don’t believe it anyway. So it would just neatly remove the problem without all that messy business of banning ideas.

Five billion throats can be cut in one night - by a really quickly running man.

Replace christians with zombies?? Pot, meet kettle.

But then how do you deal with 5 billion zombies?

May we eat them?

Santa Claus would be a good consultant on something like this. He manages to creep into everyone’s home undetected in a single night.

Why stop at religion—why not execute everyone who believes anything you don’t agree with?

Have them fight each other in gladiator contests?

This is very redundant with mutantmoose’s current anti-religion thread in GD, but rather than lock it I’m sending it to the Pit.

Resident Evil: Religion

*Take Bible?


Because we need a certain number of people to procreate to ensure the survival of the species. First against the wall are the ones we can most do without - worry about the rest later.

Thank you, Marley.

mutantmoose, kindly consider yourself insulted in the most vulgar fashion you can imagine.

“You are a religious person?”

No, it’s not. You can kill all mathematicians but that doesn’t eliminate the concept of math. Likewise the idea of religion would still exist and someone would eventually revive it.

You’d have neither.

Actually, the more democratic method would be for atheists to commit suicide considering the disproportionate ratio of believer to nonbeliever. And from a propertarian’s standpoint, it seems theists in some form were here first so homestead another planet.

I think the OP just created a new term, internet shitting.

Than who am I gonna fuck?

No, but I live in the buckle of the Bible belt. Many of my family members, friends, coworkers, and frankly, damn near everyone else in this part of the country is religious to some degree. I object rather strongly to the notion that they should be killed, or are otherwise poor company, because they are religious.

Evidently the same people you aren’t now, Mr. The-World-As-I-Know-It-Sucks.

There is nothing more democratic than volunteerism. Voluntary suicide by True Believers is infinitely preferable than to mass murder them, don’t you think?

I think you win.

Jeez, maybe we oughta just kill everyone with no sense of humor. There’d be a lot of overlap.