"All right, I'm going to say it...I actually LIKED..."

Joe vs. The Volcano

Underrated and surprisingly clever movie. Doesn’t belong here at all.

Everybody seems to hate the recent The Big Bang, a faux-noire detective story with particle physics; I thought it was hilarious (plus it looked really great).

I mean, a film that blows up an albino midget just to have the hero make the pun: “He’s astrophysics… A white dwarf gone supernova.” What’s not to like?

Who didn’t like “The Commish”? Okay, obviously it was cancelled so not enough people liked it but I found it a fun show. Although watching it did result in head explosions when Michael Chiklis re-emerged as a very different type of cop in “The Shield”.

I like Barry Manilow. I have seen him in concert.

There. I’ve said it.

Oh yes it does.

I really loved Blue Crush and saw it, like, three times. In fact, I’d like to see it again.

Hudson Hawk.

Did you like the Last Airbender movie?

Grease 2

Termiantor 3.

not as good as the first 2, but they set the bar really high.

I liked The Postman.

I like ABBA. And culinary mysteries. I consider the recipes a pirze, like in a box of Cracker Jack.

You are now dead to me. It’s been well over a decade, and there’s still a chunk of my cerebellum lying quivering and bleeding in the corner, whimpering quietly to itself.

Oh, wait, hang on - I was thinking of Mission: Earth. OK, you’re not entirely dead to me. You’re now in a persistent vegetative state to me.

Freddy Got Fingered. Loved it. Yeah, I’m that guy.

I occasionally watch the tween shows on Nick and Disney. Some of them (eg: iCarly) are quite good.

I even like Hannah Montana, which should probably win this thread.

I liked Legends of The Fall and Little Women. Both even made me cry a couple times.

Here’s my man card.

My name is JoeBuck and I love, love, love Melrose Place, original series.

Yes, it’s trashy as hell, but that’s what makes it soooooo good. I’ll admit I had zero interest in watching it when it first aired in the '90s. But then my wife insisted I watch the DVDs, and I figured I’d humor her by sitting through the first season and then read, get online, run errands while she watched the other discs. But man, it just sucked me in.

The new series (which was canceled after one season on the CW last year), was but a pale imitation.

Speilberg’s War of the Worlds.

The Island of Dr. Moreau with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer. Watched it 3 times in the theater.

I tend to turn off the Bowie/Queen version if it comes on the radio, but will twist my ballcap about 45 degrees and “ghetto” myself out when Vanilla Ice comes on. Same thing with “Humpty Dance.”

And I like “St. Elmo’s Fire.” Girl Wonder doesn’t understand my love for Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and Sealab 2021.

I liked the series Ruby and the Rockits.

I wasn’t aware of the volume of hatred of the Pirates sequels. I liked them.

I also, despite thinking I don’t like Russell Brand, really liked the Arthur remake.

Does **Ice Princess **belong in this thread? It’s ridiculous, but I like it.

I like iCarly a lot, and Drake and Josh, also Ned’s Declassified…