All right, SqrlCub...a 39 day hiatus is enough...

…time to get your derriere in here and post!

We miss ya! :frowning:

Has he forsaken us for EverCrack? :frowning:

It might be time for an intervention, RT!

Yo, Sqrl…that stuff’ll rot y’ur brain!

I am still here. I just haven’t been feeling up to par lately.


So ignore par and let us try to make you happy. Par’s a silly benchmark anyway.


You are one of the first posters I started to take note of when I was lurking.

A short leave from the board can be a good thing, but I’ve been missing you, lately.

{{{{BLUSH}}}} Thank you… I have been on lurk mode for a bit. I just haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately though.

0|D=! (the new and improved HUGGIES! emote)

You haven’t been sick, have you? If so, I hope you feel better soon!
::pouring big bowl of chicken noodle soup for Sqrl::

Ya better stick around, my friend. I don’t have time to write story about your 39 day odyssey. Hell, it took me more than 2 weeks to finish a seven day story.

Does anyone else not understand this emoticon?


Bingo RT, you win the prize. EQ has overtaken his life.


(Pssst…Sqrl, wanna 'splain?)

0|D= is the emoticon for huggies. The 0 makes the head, the | makes the arms, the D makes the diaper (aka HUGGIES tm), and the = makes the legs. :slight_smile: