I am back for a short bit. My job has been keeping me incredibly busy lately with a change of position. (Not that kind you pervie.) Also, I have been obsessing over my main EQ character getting her to 50 (she is almost 48 now). I wonder how many people remember me.


I remember you! Welcome back. What the heck is EQ and what is the significance of 50?

I remember you.:slight_smile:
Good to see you here.
Hope you’re doing fine?
Hugs back

Of course we remember you. How could you let a game take precidence over The Dope?

Thank you kindly. Level 50 used to be the highest level. I doubt I will play much past it with that character. As for letting a game take precedence over SD, well I really only ever get online here when I am at work and being so busy here now (for the most part) I tend to end up missing out. When I go home I want to basically veg and that is where playing an OCD (game that encourages OCD) took over. I don’t remember the last time I have checked the boards from home but I can tell you it has been less than 10 times total.


Welcome back, Sqrl. I’ve missed you, too.

OOoooh, this is so creepy! Just earlier today I was thinking to myself “I wonder what ever happened to SqrlCub - he always brightened the place up a bit” and now, here you are! Good to see you back, even if it is only temporary.

Hi, Sqrl! I’ve missed you on the boards, and I hope you can make it to a Dopefest sometime in the near future.


Glad to hear you’re doing well.

I hope that change of position in oyur job is a good thing (Not tHAT kind of good thing, you sick bastards.)

I had to explain in chat last week who SqrlCub was(nevermind what the topic was)…glad to see the talking about you brought you back to the boards ;). And do you have any new pictures of Ed Asner?


Welcome back, Sqrl, even if you can’t stay as long as we’d like.

Tell you what – hit 50 and then walk away a winner. Never look back. Come visit us some more instead.

Cubster! Glad to see ya back, my friend. I’ve miss ya, ya big lug. Ya want to write up your latest adventure, or, heh heh, shall I do it again?

Stick around, put your feet up.

Croeso nôl, Sqrl.

WB, Sqrl:)


I remember you! :smiley: Welcome back!

I remember you! In fact, I was just talking about you yesterday…weird. Glad you’re back, even if it is only for a short while.


Welcome back, hon! :smiley:


Good to see you back, Sqrl!

EQ… consumer of souls.

SqrlCub’s back!

:smiley: ::**Does Happy Dance::
Oh, wait. I forgot. I don’t do Happy Dances.

:o ::Climbs down from desk::
Well, if I did Happy Dances, I’d be doing one now.

I missed you, buddy. How are you doing?

Virtual HUGS!