Forget you? How could we ever forget you!?


Ruadh, diolch yn fawr. Dwy wedi dimm gwybod bod siaredech chi’n Gymraeg. Wel, mae Gaelig yn gyda’r un mots neu swynau.

OOOOO, I can look forward to a new adventure. I still have the last one saved up on my desktop. I think you guys could do much better at it than I.

So, does anyone want to catch me up on some gossip that has happened since I have been gone? I don’t think there will be a way for me to catch up on it otherwise. I don’t really care about links or anything just some first person accounts of what has been happening.


Welcome back, SqrlCub!

Gaming and real life over the SDMB?

Probably a good choice. I’m jealous. (At least about the part of having a real life)

Yay, it’s SqrlCub!!! Hello yourself!!!



About goddamned time, if ya asks me.

WB, kid.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have near as much time as I used to for here. I am still itching to hear some recent gossip.