*waves hello*

Hi! I’ve been hanging out for a while, slowly delurking, figure I should officially introduce myself.

Quick description: Female, mid-30’s, heterosexually married, lifetime geek, Californian, liberal, feminist, work for the State of CA.

Interests: I’ve worked Renaissance Faire for about 15 years now. I play WAY too much FFXI. I sing badly but with great gusto.

And…here I am.

Seeing as you’re a demon, I dont suppose the squid will bother you too much.

Fight the FFXI addiction!

Welcome, you are allowed to enter. I am afraid I am out of olive branches and I do hope you brought your own beer.

Sgt Schwartz

Heh. Nopenopenope. They’ll have to shut the servers off first…
Squid…sushi? Yes, please! Or pre-sushi, heck, I can find someone to sushi-ize it…

casts an evaluating eye at the squid

Well, we obviously need demon squid.

What room is available for this lass? 14 still needs the walls squeegeed from the last initiation…12 still has the tiger pit of Real Tickley Feathers that needs to be removed…

Hello Oni no Maggie be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

What about (cue ominous music) Room SEVEN? Bwa ha ha…

How about Room 101 ?

Hope you like rats…





Hallo! Any pets? Make yourself to home! (My grandmother’s phrase)

Hi, Oni no Maggie! I tried to send you an email to ask your permission to introduce myself in your thread, but it was blocked. Thought it would just be easier for other people to bring all their whips, chains, marine life, and what have you into one convenient location.

Anyway, I’m also new around here. I’m 25, single, and live in Maine with my four cats. I work in retail, but please don’t hold that against me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking forward to getting to know people around here, and making some friends.

Welcome, Oni no Maggie and Ms. Pumpkin! We have a welcoming buffet out on the terrace. Please come this way. Sorry for the change in plans, everyone; there were a few… unanticipated problems… in Room Seven.

Canape, anyone? Parfait?

Room Seven? Isn’t that the one with the padded walls and the spring-loaded boxing gloves?

excellent…the ornery squid like moving targets…

More feminists who wanna come out and play can only be a good thing.

Watch out for goats. It’s not a Wicca thing, just a goat thing. Or a goatse thing, or something like that.

I like to say “thing” a lot, dunno why.

Get her into room 666, I have the pentagram set up to control her.

Hi, welcome to the dope.


I don’t know about Maggie, but I’m getting a wee bit scared…

Excellent - more fodder for the next LA Dopefest! Welcome, Oni!

I wish I had run across this thread earlier in the day. I have no idea where I can rent an emu at this hour…

But do we want to control her? I mean…shouldn’t we knock her around and get her properly squidified?

They’re all fired up and ready. We’re working on sharpening their suckers, too. We want this to be memorable.

Now, your user name begs the question: Did you bring Pie?

Welcome to the Dope.

This is true. If she brought pie, then the prophecy came true!
You do have pie, don’t you?