New Member

I didn’t see, or overlooked a New Member area so I’m putting it here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just lookin’ for a friendly, active forum to exchange thoughts and opinions and perhaps meet some folks.

Hi! Welcome! And are you in for a treat.

Well great! I could use a treat, if it’s anything chocolate, that’s even better!:stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a mod-in-training. :smiley:

Have fun. And don’t jump when you see the squid. It makes her…nervous.

Welcome! There are lots of thoughts and opinions floating around here, that’s for sure.

Thanks a bunch! Hugs to the squid!


Bad, bad idea.

And welcome!

<best Yoda voice>
There will be.
There…will be…


Welcome to the jungle.

Welcome aboard, lilbug. And don’t worry abouit the squid. It’s housebroken. As are most of the dopers here.


Ah, I see the Welcome Committee has its collective shit together today. :slight_smile:

Be welcome here. It’s an interesting place!

¡Bienvenida(o)! Have fun!

Wait a minute!

The OP made a well formed, properly capitalized first post (though I believe they left out a comma), *and *they posted it in the correct forum.

Something is terribly wrong here…

Ha! Left out a comma…yep, I did. Don’t send the squid after me!

Thanks again, everyone, for the warm welcome. Hope to have more time later today to jump into the forums. Hope everyone is staying cool. It’s 100 degrees here today…hotter than 3 hells!

Now you are a new member. The spelling, grammar and punctuation police are always watching, always watching. There are eyes everywhere, if you know what I mean. :wink:

I hope I didn’t spell anything wrong or they will beat me, drag me away and you’ll never hear from me again. NO, No, noooooo…

slips on the rubber gloves and begins laying out the instruments

Those straps too tight? Good.

Now just relax…


No, it’s a goat. Just put this hood on an kneel for a minute.

Everybody sing the welcome anthem now.

Hello lilbug. Be welcome Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile: