New here, sort of

Hello hello.

So back on 05 I created a trial account and then promptly got distracted, as I am wont to do. But I’m back now. Actually paying for an account should make me pay a wee bit more attention.

Right, then.

This is, of course, my lovely wife.

So we can probably leave out the goats.

But keep the squid. That’s my FAVORITE part of initiation.

Welcome, welcome, J00licious!

Buffet? We’re out on the terrace already, but there’s still plenty left for everyone.

Spouses are always welcome. I would suggest, Zeriel, you being the gentleman we know you for, to escort the, may I say lovely, j00licious to room 401. The tarter sauce and badger milk has finally been cleaned off the carpet. I would caution you, j00licious, to avoid bringing tea into this room, at least at first. You will soon discover why.

SSG Schwartz

Welcome, j00licious! I am playing Mafia with **Zeriel ** so I consider him to be a friend on the board. By extension you shall get the same consideration. Please don’t nag him about playing the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go check and see if we have any squid left. We’ve had a rash of newbies lately. Hal, cancel the RoboGoat for this one.

In my experience this is something that never happens. If said man is playing said video game and said wife asks him to pick up his undies from the bathroom. Said wife wins every time. :slight_smile:

Carry on.

Hello J00licious! Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

You’d be wrong. “Not now, I’m reading Mafia V” or “Not now, fragging losers” is an acceptable excuse for dodging just about any chore around here.