Hi Everybody

Hello. I have just signed up again after a few year hiatus. I forgot my old user name, so I started another. Glad to be back, glad to share a forum with you well-facted and logical dopers!

Hi. You might want to check with an administrator (eg. Tubadiva) regarding signing up under another username; she can set you straight.

But yeah, hi.

Welcome back, bobot. You’re not supposed to have more than one account, though since you don’t recall the name of your old account, I’m not sure how we’ll go about dealing with this. Please contact an admin (TubaDiva or Marley23, to name two) to see if they can help you out on this.

Again, welcome back – hope you stick around this time.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Wow, my first day back, and I’m trouble right away. :wink: I didn’t realize the new account was a violation. I’ll contact mods to straighten this out. The old one was bobo t or maybe beo469.

Ban him! He’s a witch! :eek:

Welcome, welcome! Unfortunately, I can’t offer you any ice cream, because it escaped last night. (It was an unusually-vigorous wasabi-mint cross.) Would you like a cookie?

10 to 1 odds that bobot is really umkay :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Welcome back!

That would be so notokay! :smiley:

Hi Dr. Nick!


See, i came here specifically to say:

“HI! Dr. Nick!”
but got beaten to it…

You misspelled ‘burn.’

I dunno…let’s see if **bobot **has any links with the preface “…and of course, Family Circus has the answer.”

at last!, years and years we’ve been waiting for bobot!

I, for one, welcome our new (or maybe not so new) bobot overlord.

Maybe he’s just a newt.

Hi, bobot! Welcome back! Did you bring pie?

Or a wheelchair?

Maybe he was spelling it phonetically.

Whay can’t you ban and burn too? :confused:

My messege board skills are not what they should be. How do I contact a Mod. to arrange my confession?