Everquest people out there?

I know one person from SDMB who plays/played on my server and was wondering how many others there are.
Really doesn’t have to be on Tunare because you can send tells across the servers but I love to talk to people when I play.
I did a search for everquest and found nothing asking for those who play.
But I did find a story about how a couple met because of the game.

I left EQ for EQ2, then left EQ2 a little over a year ago. Kinda burned out on the genre for awhile, I think. Had been a hardcore player since early 2001. Did the planar raiding thing for EQ, was in a raid guild in EQ2 that finished our prismatics, and were just starting to advance in what was then the newest raid content…Lockjaw and other encounters on that continent (can’t think of the name).

These days, I play CoX, and very non-hardcore about it. Got lots of low level toons scatter across the servers, only 1 “high level” toon that just hit 40. Was considering Vanguard, but I’d need a major upgrade to my computer to run that game, so I’ll probably stick with CoX for the forseeable future.

Yeah, I was an EQ addict for quite a while (as Kricket knows… we were in the same guild!). I, too, kinda burnt out on it after a while. It became more of a chore than fun, and I finally cancelled my account after realizing that I hadn’t logged in for about 6 months.

Rest in peace, Mussounsaram! And Abrahms, and Cohvault, and etc.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get back into playing MMORPGs again; though I may try a few out here and there.

You were an awesome guild leader and things sucked when you left. People still ask about you and I miss the wifey!
I can see the getting burned out thing I go through that once in a while.

YAY! Yes! Played the original EverQuest since 1999, a brief flirtation with WoW and now play EQ2. Love the EQ series. :slight_smile:

Tell everybody I said hi! And drop me an e-mail now and again.:smiley:

I beta-tested EQ2, but by that point I was already getting pretty burnt out so never really got into it after it was released. WOW really didn’t do anything for me in the brief time that I played it.

Most of my gaming time now is on my X-Box. :cool:

I play EQ2 myself, on the Antonia Bayle server. Yep, I’m a hardcore RP geek. :smiley:

Hit up Sidhel if anyone’s out there from the AB server!

I played for a few years, but got burned out on it. I have a 67 rogue, if that tells you why I burned out.

Yeah I did WoW for a while, but I dunno, it didn’t do it for me. EQ2 is good. The original EQ was soooooo good though

So come back to us!
67 rogue is cool, my shadowknight just made 70 last night. My rogue is 48 my druid is 53 my cleric 63 and my bard is 19. Yes Astroboy I started my bard over but let wifey know I got to keep Noraenabi for her name!
I tell everyone about her name, even though I probably just spelled it wrong.
I now have a rogue named Kuscheltier which is German.
Moving up in the world I am!

Rasa I think there is a way to send tells from EQ to EQ2.

I am an EQ junky.

I played EQ from December 1999 till EQII beta started. I burned out during last couple weeks of testing and haven’t played since which is a shame because I pre-ordered the collectors edition and never installed it. I’ll never go back to EQ, but someday I’ll play EQII again.