All right, who left the chicken here?

[sub]My first Pit OP, go easy… or not.[/sub]

Often when I go to the grocery store, I’ll see items obviously in the wrong place - aparrently somebody picked something up, then a couple aisles over decided they didn’t want it after all and were too damn lazy to go put it back where they found it.

That’s just dumb.

Then, sometimes, I see strange items left at the checkout aisle. Okay, it’s still dumb, but I can understand that maybe you don’t want to leave your place in line. Still, I don’t like it. Why now, all of a sudden, do you not want it?

So last night, I’m in the checkout aisle, and on the top of the candy/magazine rack to my right, I see another abandoned item: a package of chicken.

Excuse me? WTF? What dingo-spittle IQ of a moron did this, and did they actually believe that it would remain fresh there? Did they really fucking believe that someone would go down that checkout aisle a little later on, and make a impulse purchase of slightly-warm chicken parts? Do they not realise that this action is equivalent to stealing from the grocery store? (Assume at least, for the moment, that the grocery store is in fact following health codes and not simply returning the questionable poultry to the cooler.)

Then I looked to my left. Abandoned pack of bacon. :mad:

I’ve heard of people specially employed to wander the aisles and put stuff back where it should be.

Drewbert, I am so with you on this. Those who just drop perishables wherever they happen to be when they realise they don’t want them anymore – are irresponsible cark-brains.

As a former supermarket cashier, I can state unequivocally–whoever’s at the register on the lines you’re going through isn’t doing their job. If the chicken or bacon is on top of the magazine rack, it should to be clearly visible to the cashier, who then ought to call for someone to get that stuff outta there.

Otherwise, couldn’t agree more. What are these jerks thinking. “Duh, I might not have enough money to pay for everything, so I’ll just leave this chicken on top of the candy!” I’ll bet the supermarket then had to throw away the candy the chicken was sitting on, after raw chicken juice seeped into it. Yuck.

Amen, Drewbert, I am totally with you on this one. I propose that these people be punished by making them consume a meal prepared at slightly less than the USDA recommended cooking temperatures of each perishable item that they have ever strewn carelessly around a store. Then place them in a doorless, toilet-paperless restroom stall at the nearest frat-boy pub.

What about the mysterious meat exchange? (Get your minds out of the gutter, you perverts! Not THAT kind of meat!) This happens when someone takes a package of, say, chicken, puts it in the beef section, then takes some beef and snuggles it in amongst the pork, etc. Or maybe that looney only shops in my neighborhood :smiley:

Former bagger here. Telling you to give it to the cashier. Bagger then puts it away. I don’t mind that. What I hate is when someone says “Oh! I forgot this, have the bagger go get it.” Grrr. Once had a large, burly man tell the cashier to “have your bagger (points to 108 lbs 5’1’’ lil’ old me) go get me a 20 lbs bag of rock salt.” The man looked like he lifted steers for a living, I am a scrawny weakling. I can’t lift all that!

Oh, and an old lady asked me to tie her shoe once. No overtime pay, minimum wage, no respect… I quit at the end of the summer. My boss told me I should quit school and work there. Riiiiight…

Sorry for the hijack. This thread brought back bad memories… shudder

Oh boy, this is one of my peaves too, and I’m married to a food abandoner. Not perishables though. She has a little more class than that. I only say a little more because the whole idea of picking something up, walking around with it and then deciding you just don’t want it and plopping it down annoys me. I will pick up the item and walk it back to its spot if I catch her leaving it. It just seems so rude. I also have come to realize that I am in the minority with this opinion.

I once saw a container of MILK that someone had abandoned somewhere amidst the cracker aisle, I think. What a doofus.