All right, who's up for a Kessel Run?

Planet discovered 39 ly (12 parsecs) away.

“hotter than Venus”, tidally locked and in a 1.6 day orbit, this is the garden spot of Ceti Alpha 6…

And Vorlons would know … :slight_smile:

Sorry, I overscheduled my day, and I only have 10.5 parsecs to spare.

Yeah, but your days are 14.5 months long.

Maybe he can borrow a couple kiloliters from tomorrow.

Color me less ignorant.
I thought this thread was about some kind of woo marathon 5K/26K exercise involving yoga stretches, Tai Chi while walking the dog, or possibly a beer-drinking adventure.

Little did I know it involved inter-planetary travel.

I am sorry and apologize.
So who is going? And can I sign up?
Is there beer/ale/mead there?
Can I bring my dog and cat?

Downward dog for 5 kilometers? Whole lotta nope right there. Tai Chi beer drinking/dog walking has me intrigued, however. So do we hold a beer in each hand and take a drink with every pass of Wave Hands as Clouds? We’ll need more beer.