All That

I have a 1996 compilation CD from The Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans. One of the songs on it is All That, by the band All That. It’s a rap-ish/funk-ish song that features a tuba for the bass.

When I approach them in a club
Know just exactly what I am thinking of
I’m gonna start talking to them ‘bout how I have a plan
To get my act together and I’m gonna start a band
Super-heavy Funk. Oh, yes indeed it’s true, brah
But instead of bass, I’ll be kickin’ it with a tuba
Make the ladies scream like a stepped-upon cat
And the title for the project, it’s uh…
I don’t know. Something like ‘All…’
Maybe if it was All That it’d be all that…
That’s catchy! That’s catchy like a motherfucker!

Does anyone have any information on these guys? Googling ‘all that’ isn’t all that helpful.