All things Bacon! (except actual bacon)

Some of these are real products. Others, sadly (or thankfully in some cases), are not.

Bacon Tuxedo

Bakon Vodka

Bacon cologne

Bacon bandages

Bacon baby formula

Baconnaise (and Baconnaise Lite!)

Bacon envelopes

Diet Coke with Bacon

Squeez Bacon

Bacon Business Cards

Bacon toothpaste

Bacon Lube

Nice touch on the business card. :stuck_out_tongue: But you should’ve told us which ones are for real so that the bacon addicts among us can order some.

Bacon and chocolate go surprisingly well together. I’ve actually got a chili entered into a chili cookoff this afternoon which is predicated on this fact.

No, it’s not all bacon and chocolate, but those are two of the flavorings.

Perhaps we could make it a game of some sort.

Also it’s not entirely obvious which ones are actual products and which ones are not.

The “Bacon Tuxedo” box is real, the product is not.

The vodka, bandages, envelopes, Baconnaise, toothpaste and business cards are definitely real.

The formula, Diet Coke, and Squeez Bacon are definitely fake.

The cologne and the lube I can neither confirm nor deny their actual existence.

Bacon lube was a ThinkGeek prank. It doesn’t actually exist, but several of their prank items became reality after the fact, so bacon lube could someday be realized.

Bacon Bikini
Bacon Bra

Mmm, bacon.

Sorry, but ew on that second one. Bacon must be cooked to be eaten. And what’s the point of edible underwear if your partner can’t eat it directly off of you?