From the makers of Bacon Salt....

…I give you Baconlube!

Now, did any of you imagine that this would one day become a thing? Now I’m in the camp that most of you are in, that bacon is a nigh on holy food stuff, arguably the king of all meats and meat products. But I can honestly say that, outside of that love scene in Hot Shots! when Topper Harley cooks breakfast on the girl’s tummy, bacon and intercourse had never and would have never occupied adjoining mental spaces in my head.

The more surprising, and perhaps scarier thing is, it hadn’t occured much to the manufacturers’ either. And these are the men that gave us such products and BaconSalt and Baconaisse. It all started as an April Fools’ joke. But the prank revealed a surprisingly large (3000 strong!) demand for a meat-flavored marital-aide; a demand that existed before there was an a product.
I don’t really care to judge the sexual predilections of my fellow Man, but I can’t help but wonder a bit at that…

So, I guess if the D cell battery was the only new thing the 20th century gave to sex (yes, yes, 1898), the 21st century already has something to brag about.

That is SO disturbingly awesome! Especially the fact that this was an April Fool’s joke turned into a real thing! :slight_smile:

And we all expected it to be anatomically correct robots that would define 21st century sex inventions. It’s a funny old world, innit?

No. Just… no.

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Speaking of related threads, I think this topic should include a shout-out to the late great Molly Ivins for her proposal in one of her book prefaces to market a vanity-branded Barbecue Flavor Vaginal Gel (mentioned by CalMeacham about halfway down the linked thread).