Are we done with bacon?

There was the Bacon Pig. There was the Bacon Explosion. And of course, Bacon Salt.

Haven’t heard much lately. Has Bacon Mania run its course?

Hush yo’ mouf, boy!

We were. Until you brought it up.


Dunno; have y’all had Chicken Fried Bacon?

Wow, that sounds amazing!

I just watched Jim Gaffigan’s bacon routine to get me psyched up again.

The NPR show Studio 360 just had a contest asking listeners to “Re-design Valentines for Modern Romance”. The winning entry was a boquet of flowers made from bacon. The guest author/judge Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Nothing can compete with a bacon boquet.”

Two words:

Bacon Chocolate.


Seeing as I just made bacon-wrapped pork chops a couple nights ago I will say no, no we are not done with bacon.

You know, local meme aside and all, I actually bought some bacon salt, and the stuff is gross. It goes with nothing, and it tastes about as much like bacon (or salt, for that matter), as igneous rock does.

Oh no! In the latest issue of the Food Network Magazine, there is mention of edible bacon grease candles–I must have them! You light them and drizzle the bacon fat on your food as a condiment. They’re available @ David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago (616 N. Rush),$10 for two. I’m ordering some now.

Couldn’t agree more. Tastes nothing like bacon. It just tasted awful.

That said, the bacon thing is still going. Just the other day I went to a new restaurant in my neighborhood serving bacon-fat popcorn as an appetizer. Yep, popcorn popped in bacon fat with bacon and sage mixed in. Pretty good.

I cower in fear at the thought of bacon-flavored sugar.

how about Candied Bacon?

I have, in the past week, enjoyed not one, but two smokehouse burgers at Chili’s (don’t judge me; it’s very convenient to my most convenient movie theater), both of which were adorned with not one, not two, not three, but four strips of not single-thick, not double-thick, but triple-thick bacon.


how about Candied Bacon?

I sure as hell hope so. I mean, I love bacon and all, but the bacon mania was annoying and went on for about a year too long. Bacon does not need to be in everything.

So when bacon does run its course, what’s next?

I’m thinking . . . I always want it to be cheese. Maybe cream cheese. Or garlic.

Hey, that place is across the street from my office! That sounds great!