Bacon- Food of the gods or one-way ticket to heart attack?

I love bacon…It’s my favorite food. Any time it’s offered I’m there to take it. Luckily for me my college’s all you can eat restaurant has bacon at both lunch and dinner. None at breakfast though…which strikes me as odd…Anyway, who out there is as much of a bacon addict as me? And do you think that it’s taste makes up for the possible side effects later?

Mundane?? Pointless?? This is a great debate if I ever heard, er, read one.

It’s the grease, and the way it oozes over the egg or cheese or hash brown or ground beef or chicken or steak it graces. Mmmmmm - bacon can make even a salad into a feasty meal.

Bacon is fabulous, in fact I love adding bacon to recipies simply to incorporate the bacon flavored fat into the cooking!

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

A friend of mine put it this way – bacon is a no-no on almost every diet ever made. It’s full of nitrates and other carcinogens, it’s way more fat than lean, it’s made from pigs – and she has never in her life ever seen leftover bacon!

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

The answer to the question is “yes.”

Bacon: Yum. That’s the only word for it. I like it cooked so long, it’s crumbly. One step before burnt. My grandfather used to buy a whole side of this wonderful, meaty bacon. Used to cost him a bundle but it wasn’t all fat either. Actually went to a real live meat-market for it. Not your wrapped in plastic kind.

Bacon tastes good…pork chops taste good. And all that grease just helps the blood slide through the arteries all the easier. :wink:

Souvenieeeeers, nov-elties, par-ty tricks

Mmmmm, bacon! Just had some for lunch today, along with grits, hasbrown casserole, eggs (over well), biscuits, and gravy. Once you put gravy on the grits and biscuits, evrything has grease!

'Scuse me while I turn my heart pump up a notch or two.

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Oh Bacon, what great meat
Makes you want to eat, eat, eat
Pass me more
'Till I hit the floor
Or 'till the Grim Reaper I meet
What, this isn’t the limerick thread?

Definitely food for the gods (and those of us who will join them from eating too much of it).

My former fiance was a MASTER bacon cooker: microwave, took 20 minutes, used about a roll of paper towels, but YUMMY! Just the right combo of chewy and crispy and not too much grease. Probably a big part of the reason we stayed together as long as we did. Sure do miss the bacon!

Also must confess to loving that comercial for the dog treat “Beggin’ Strips”, the one shot from the dog’s POV: bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, nothing smells like bacon except bacon…

OK, now you’ve got me hungry and I must leave and go have dinner. Guess I’ll have…BACON!

Most definately food of the gods. I dont care if it has nitrates or carcinogens. Bah! It’s all about moderation! I dont eat it every day, hell I haven’t had it in a few months, but when i do, it goes quick. It can make almost any dish a wondrous experience in dining. BTW: Who else puts pieces of bacon in their green beans? We dump a couple of cans of green beans in a microwaveable dish, throw in several slices of bacon, microwave, and when its done, eat (goes fast).

That’s exactly what I thought Beefymeg. In fact I got so far as typing it into the create new topic window in Great Debates, but I thought I might get yelled at by the powers that be and MPSIMS has many more regular readers than Great Debates. On the other hand it’s not much of a debate, is it? Everyone seems to love bacon, even my vegeterian friend eats it!

Must say I also love the bacon.

Another thing…
That omniscient thing that other gods get doesn’t apply with me, so uhh, HeadlessCow… just exactly how did you become a headless cow?

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I will get down on my knees and lick the sandals of whatever demigod thought up the idea of marketing pre-cooked bacon! All you have to do is zap it for 30 seconds and VOILA! instant BLTs!

Bacon, cooked like BunnyGirl said, nice & crunchy, is a nearly orgasmic experience. I do not have the “gift” when it comes to cooking bacon, but my husband does, thank goodness.

Had potato skins at the bowling alley tonight…topped with a generous helping of real bacon bits, not those fake-o Bacos. Yum. Manna from heaven.

My name came from a trip to buy a Gateway computer with my best friend and his family. After ordering the computer they were given a foam squishy cow. On the trip back home his sister and I both grabbed it at the same time and pulled it towards ourselves. Because we were sitting on opposite sides of the car I ended up with the head and she got the rest of it. Since then my friend has teased me about ripping the head off the cow, although I insist that his sister ripped the body off the head. Then when we started playing online games and he suggested I use that as my userid because I couldn’t think of anything. Since then I have used it for all my online stuff so I don’t need to remember tons of userids and passwords.

I was really hoping for a “cow tipping gone horribly awry” story, but yours is funny anyway :slight_smile:
My hubby and I are total bacon addicts. Our local grocery store has an awesome meat department with fresh sliced (as thick as you want) bacon- mostly meat, not too much fat. MAN is is good!
Someday I may curse the bacon, but for now I embrace the bacon- bacon is good- bacon is your friend :wink:

It was dark all around.
There was frost in the ground
When the tigers broke free-

I like bacon, but i like it chewy, not burnt to a crisp like everyone else in America it seems. Give me a BLT on white toast or a big juicy Bacon Cheeseburger with cheddar…

Hmmm… Must eat now…

Yer pal,

Yes, maybe the Great Debate is whether bacon should be crisp or (ugh!) limp! (Guess which one I like?)


“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

I had a Big Bacon Classic from Wendy’s for lunch today.

Bacon & beef = yummy.

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