Forget bacon salt, behold: Bacon Jam.

Forget bacon salt, now you can spread bacon straight on your toast and enjoy that salty, smoky goodness.

Bacon Jam

I’m not sure how to feel about this. It’s bacon, and it’s jam, two tasty food items, so it must be good right? However, I’m envisioning something similar to sweetened vegemite, which is enough to give me pause.

I can already think of a few recipes I might like to to try it out with, but I’ll wait for someone braver than myself to give it a whirl.

Apparently the creators run a little mobile bistro in the Seattle area. Any Seattle Dopers care to check it out? Skillet Street Food

Oh dear god. It was only a matter of time.

I must say that the picture on the linked e-bay listing does not look especially appetizing, and the generic Mason jar packaging gives it that extra special “stuff we scraped out of the grease trap in the grill out back” appeal.

I do like the “suggested uses” section, where one option is “frozen into popsicle form”. You just know there’s someone, if not multiple people, out there who would try that without even having it suggested to them.

ETA: grammar edit

The rather poor grammar and gratuitous "…"s are somewhat scary. It doesn’t make me trust that this is something which would live up to mandated cleanliness standards.

As it’s Seattle, I did look up their locations though. Fortunately, none of their stops are within walking distance of my place (and I don’t have a car), so I’m spared having to make the choice whether to go or not.

Seattle isn’t far,
and I have a car.
I’m tempted to try
smoky pork in a jar.

I know this is gonna put me in the minority here, but … I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I think it could work quite well. Some very crispy bacon, surrounded by a complementary fruit jam. Why not? If you like bacon and maple syrup, I think something like bacons and raspberry would work well together. I don’t really think it’s necessary to have them in the same jar, but, hey, why not try.

Hm, I like applesauce on pork chops. So if it’s bacon suspended in apple jam I think it would be quite tasty. I like the I.V. suggestion myself.


I don’t like bacon.
I’ve never liked bacon.
I will never like bacon.
Why does the world keep trying to feed me bacon?

I will not eat it in a jam.
I will not eat it, Sam I Am.