All time cheesiest songs...

Making a list of cheesiest songs, obviously the 80’s being the biggest contributer (especially soundtacks).

My best example would be “You’re the Best Around”, of Karate Kid fame. Any other suggestions?

Billy, Don’t Be A Hero


Pina Colada Song

I wanna hold you 'till I die Dan Hill

Sorry to end the game so soon.

Murray Head: Cheeses Christ Superstar
Spanky & our Gang: Give Edam
Jefferson Airplane: White Rarebit
1910 Fruitgum Company: Gouda Gouda Gumdrops
Rascals: People Got to Be Brie
Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Cheddar

Ninja Rap.

“Dizzy”, Tommy Roe
“Honey”, Bobby Goldsboro
“Yummy, Yummy, Yummy”, by somebody who should have been shot first
Anything by Britney Spears
Anything by Madonna

While also being the decade of the Beatles, Dylan, Motown, etc., the 1960’s also had its share of cheesy pop songs:


“The Elusive Butterfly”

“Love is Blue”

“Sugar, Sugar”

“Sugar Shack”

“Ballad of the Green Berets”

That’s all I can think of right now.

Got you beat Bruce_Daddy-> “Time in a bottle”-Jim Croce

And noone said “Seasons in the Sun” yet?

Or are you going for the “trying to be cool” cheesy?

Jeez! I was reading the third line before I thought, “Hey, wait a minute. It was called White Rabbit ! . . . Hold it . . . hmmm . . . wait . . . it’s a play on cheeses.”

It takes me a while, but I get there.

By the way, Biffy, that was hilarious.

Don’t forget “Oh What a Friend We Have in Cheeses”…

The Night Chicago Died, by Paper Lace

Afternoon Delight

Does anyone besides me have nightmares of being forced to listen to “Run, Joey, Run”?

Footloose. Good lord Kenny Loggins, what happened to the Danger Zone?

Sweet Jeebus, I just had a flashback to growing up in the 70’s / 80’s.

Skyrockets in flight - afternoon delight… Aaaa-a-aaa-fternoon de-lie-a-yight!!!

Actaully, my vote goes for Rainbow Connection by the great ol’ “Hi Ho, I’m Kermit the Frog” in the Muppet Movie. Then I heard The Red Headed Stranger (Willie Nelson) sing it and I changed my my mind.

Ok, I really liked it from the Kermit version, but it is kind of cheesy.

“The Ultimately Cheezy as can be Song.”

One Tin Soilder

Didn’t we just have this thread last month? My vote still goes to The Night Chicago Died.

18 posts and not one mention of Ray Stevens?