All Tricks, No Treats (October Mini-Rants)

Oh boy, it’s Boss’s Day again. People had contributed a considerable amount for the department manager by the end of last week. The department supervisor’s collection, by contrast, was so small that a guy who doesn’t even report to him anymore contributed some money. And since you don’t get to sign the card unless you give money, the supervisor will be receiving a card with a whopping three signatures on it. >.<

(In case you’re wondering, office politics work roughly like this: underlings contribute to a group gift for Boss’s Day, and the bosses give out nice gifts at Christmas. Like everything else here, “it’s always been done this way!”)

Bonus rant: my otherwise awesome insurance company has decided that my auto policy is “ineligible” for electronic delivery of documents. While I appreciate not having to print my insurance cards (I could have done without the extra copy of my entire policy though), mail service around here is spectacularly awful, and I really don’t want to run the risk of something like this ending up in the hands of someone who could do some damage.

Cheers! The dude’s death had a bright side. It’s a twenty ounce pewter mug, charged as a pint. One dollar off all day every day. I’m in heaven.


That thing is goddamn epic.

I’m impressed. That’s a very handsome mug.

An update on my leg injury: The Wound Center at my hospital told me they don’t have an appointment till January. January! But a Wound Center a little farther away happened to have an opening next Wednesday. Hallelujah! I need to see someone soon, because the pain level has been increasing every day. And I’m spending a small fortune on wound medications and dressing supplies.

AWESOME!!! I hope you only need a few visits before this is all a bad memory. If it is any consolation, I don’t bounce as well as when I was young either.

wow, that’s sweet, and im not much of a beer.ale person … lol will they fill it with a nice Scottish vintage of say Bushmills ?

MY rant is I had sort of had a couple of “get off my lawn” moments earlier … Apparently my sort of new Fast and the furious style neighbors didn’t get the moment that “riceboy” car culture died out about 2005 or so … and I said so sort of loudly and apparently one f the girlfriends got the snark as she laughed …

Also as I watered my apple trees this cute girl hops out of a ordinary honda civic that had a ton of fake race car parts on it and my thought was "well at least she cute " as most of them look like they’re acquainted with the downside of crystal meth … Now when I got a better look she was wearing a hoodie that was zipped up to right wonder her boobs and the top side was zipped down so it looked like she was wearing a pink bra that was too tight

My out loud comment? “wow she wears something like that and probably gets pisssed for someone looking at them” …

I absolutely despise the treating of tired, idiotic twitter reactions as fucking news. I’ll want to find out what happened in Game 5 of the Dodgers/Giants game or find out what the plot of Squid Game is, and I’ll find myself on a page that has a one sentence recounting of the actual information, and then 20 or so tweets from anonymous idiots reacting to it. TWITTER REACTIONS ARE NOT NEWS!!!

It’s 7:30 AM as I write this and that mug makes me want a beer.

That’s a hell of a typo.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that included lab work, so no food since dinner last night. I stopped at McD’s on the way home to grab some breakfast. The drive thru lane splits into two so that two cars can order at the same time. Both lines are full, moving at roughly the same pace, but the woman driving the car in front of me stopped right where the lanes split, blocking both lanes while she sits there trying to decide which lane to get into. I wanted to go up and punch her in the head, but admittedly I was a little hangry at that point.

Twenty (Imperial) ounces IS a pint. Of course, that works out to just over 19 American ounces, so you’re still getting a deal.

Pennsylvania liquor laws are weird. Technically the 'tenders are only supposed to pour 16 ounces into the mugs, because mug clubs and the like are not supposed to encourage consumption.

I used to drink at a bar that gave rewards for unique pours. They had a card catalogue where drinkers could keep track of drafts they’d consumed and you’d get, for example, a tshirt when you drank 25 different beers. The liquor board eventually looked into this and shut it down. Bastards!!

There’s a roadside stand set up near my workplace today, selling flags that say things like “Biden Sucks”, “Trump 2024”, etc. Fine, I know there are cretins among us. But the one that said “Joe & the Ho Must Go” I felt was really beyond the pale. You can’t even pretend there’s just a difference of opinion with these people. They are slime.

Most (but not all) of the McDonalds drive-thrus by me, and I’d assume everywhere, are Y configured where one line splits off into two. It seriously pisses me off when some d-bag decides to turn it into two separate lanes and zooms by those of us patiently waiting in the single queue. Once that happens, it turns into a free for all.

You should go ask them if they have any “Trump Lost! Fuck Your Feelings Snowflakes!” flags.

“Riceboy” and similar racially-tinged epithets are not appropriate on this board. Do not use this sort of language again.

No warning issued.

I live alone now.

Occasionally, I entertain notions of perhaps having an, um, gentleman caller. (Okay, I wanna get laid.)

But lately, I can’t cross my hobbit-hole-sized house without farting up a storm.

How on earth am I supposed to impress a guy while farting up a fartacular fartfest?

(Oh, my god. I farted while typing this up. Imma fart myself off to bed now. Alone.

… at least the cats aren’t offended. Though my butt-trumpets have startled them on occasion. Which is HILARIOUS.)

Perhaps you could introduce yourself to Mr. Richard Fader of Fort Lee, New Jersey. :smiley:

That clip is nearly 43 years old. If Mr. Richard Fader of Fort Lee, New Jersey is even still with us, he may be a bit long in the tooth for our favorite Lucky Charm.

I hear ya girlie. Same problem, just usually silent. Iits a good test to see if a guy’s a keeper.