All you Algebra People! I need Help!

Can you please give me a fifth degree polynomial with 0 real roots?! I can’t figure this out! plz help me! thankee!

awwww…c’mon guys!

give me some replies! PLEASE! I BEG OF ALL OF YOU!

A 5th Degree polynomial with 0 real roots = ???

Well, how about


(i is the square root of -1).

I will help but before you get an answer you will get a sermon. Deal with it.

  1. Don’t ever do this again. If you want homework help, at least disguise it as a riddle.

2)Also, try not to be the first person to respond to your own thread.

If you aren’t careful, someone might compare you to Palidors. And that would be sad. It’s not that you ARE a digusting little troll, but that sometimes that word gets thrown immediately at anyone who doesn’t know the rules yet. If you are labeled a troll, before long someone will start a thread to gangbang you in the Pit. You’ll defend yourself, and your name will be added to a list of Names Not To Be Spoken. (they can be typed tho; there’s an actual list around here someplace.)

Now, to solve your problem: Do it your own damn self.

No really. Make five factors with imaginary solutions and multiply them together. What pops to mind is (x-i)^5. If you’re bright though, you’ll use conjugates for 4 factors, because they factor easily–


If you can’t do it from there, this problem won’t help; you’re going to fail the class.

The Ai\ Yue- Ha

  1. Eye You-way Han
  2. It’s Chinese.
  3. The symbols are tone marks.
  4. No, I wasn’t drunk when I registered.
  5. Just call me John, OK?




Sorry, Cabbage, didn’t mean to imply you weren’t bright. You slipped that in while I was composing.

Something I left out of my lecture: Take time to write words out. ICQ/AIM abbreviations make you look illiterate SOMETIMES. There is a list of the generally accepted ones; when in doubt, say the whole word.

No problem, Ai\ Yue- Ha

Well, John,

I was going to ask you to give me a hand adding up my grocery bill, but if you’re going to get into a huff, forget it.

Millions long for immortality, yet don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Whoa…damn, John.

I never knew that a person could get so annoyed at somone who they don’t even know. Especially over “ICQ abbreviations” and a question about math.

Anyway, thanks for you help. But next time why don’t you just help another person by not being such an anal retentive prick. You could’ve just answered the question, but instead you felt like being a bastard. Did that make you feel better about yourself to give to me what you called a “sermon”? Because if it did, at least you benefitted from it in some way.

You just waste your time to be a cock to others, John? Or was your name Kreme/ ov/ s/um you/ng GuY?

well, I’ll tell ya, it felt good to write THIS to you.


John gave you some excellent advice.

You should thank him instead of unloading on him.

Millions long for immortality, yet don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Incidentally, my previous post to john was a joke.

He knows that.

Perhaps you didn’t.

Millions long for immortality, yet don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Stop kissing John’s ass, Wally.

OK, Shpaiers, let me get this straight:
You asked for help (on an IMHO simple problem.
John provided it (along w/ some very good advice.
You went off the deep end and started calling him names.
Now you’re starting in on wally?

Back off. Do a continuity check. You’re WAY out of line here.

I do find it hilarious that Ai was SO angry, and busy flaming someone for posting back first to his own post…that HE had to post TWICE immediately after HIS own post.

You might have come across with a wee tad more authority if you had checked your OWN answers before posting them, therefore eliminating the sticky mess of having to correct YOURSELF immediately after YOUR own post.
Throwing stones, glass houses, etc. Geeez, man.


" If you want to kiss the sky you’d better learn how to kneel "

Ah, gentlemen…
Let’s be a bit more diplomatic when responding to each other’s quandaries. The T-word and calling someone a “prick” are not the stuff of which GQ is made. If you must flame, please contain those comments in the BBQ Pit forum.

GQ Mod for The Straight Dope

Dear Shpaiers:

I think you may be laboring under a misapprehension. I notice that you posted your original question at 8:32, then reposted, begging for a response, at 8:41. That is less than 10 minutes!

I’m not sure what you expected, but maybe I can clarify a few points for you. First of all, this board does not consists of a bunch of people with encyclopediac knowledge just sitting around waiting to answer questions. Suppose someone had posted a question that YOU knew the answer to at 9:00 a.m., while you were at school - how long would it be before you could answer it?

Secondly, the circumstances of your post (time of night, desperation level, type of question, tone of post, etc.) suggest that you are a high school student trying to finish some homework at the last minute, and either have not studied or don’t want to take the time to figure the answer out on your own. Most of the people here are much adults who made it through school WITHOUT the help of the SDMB, and I think the general feeling is that students should learn for themselves, not ask for freebie answers from those who DID learn the hard way. In a way, its cheating, taking shortcuts in your education that could be harmful to you and others in the future. For example, an engineer is constructing a bridge that you will be driving over frequently, and needs to determine how strong the steel struts need to be to safely support the traffic. Unfortunately, when the equations necessary for determining this were studied in class, he got the answers from this message board, instead of learning how to work the equations himself. He really doesn’t understand how to work the equations. How safe will you feel driving across that bridge?

Thirdly, I think most people here would be willing to help you learn HOW to solve your problem (not just give a flat answer) if you asked nicely. However, the answer is likely to be a tutorial, or a link provided where you can go to research the answer yourself.

Learn how to learn - it may be the most important thing you ever do for yourself. Use this board wisely, and it can be a great resource. Use it poorly, and you will be ignored or castigated by the other members.

I have as much authority as the Pope; I just don’t have as many people who believe it! - George Carlin

Speak for yourself, BenDover!! :smiley:


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

Dear BenDover,

Did you realize that the date that I posted on is 10/2? That’s a Saturday…I dunno about where you come from but on Sunday, the next day after Saturday, there is no school.

I never a knew a bunch of adults, such as yourself, can be so grouchy on a message board. Yowzers.

Dear Shpaiers,

Reading comprehension is also an important part of learning. I never mentioned WHY your question appeared to be a last-minute, desperate plea, just that it did.

I thought that I was explaining, politely, why your posts got the reaction they did from other board members, and giving advice on how to conduct yourself here in the future to avoid being labeled a ‘troll’.

However, you seem determined to pick a fight here - maybe to try to prove to yourself that you’re brave enough to take on a bunch of intelligent adults? (Who really could care less, you know.)

So far you’ve been treated gently. If you continue with this attitude, I doubt that the members will remain so kind.

Thorry, Thufferin, I should have said something like ‘MOST board members have a life . . .’ :slight_smile:

I have as much authority as the Pope; I just don’t have as many people who believe it! - George Carlin

Shpairs, my young friend, as a good SDMB reg, I restrain myself in the normal forums. So you will not hear what I think of you. I wasn’t angry at you. I was warning you. You don’t get a lot of chances here. If you had taken time to get accustomed to the board before posting (lurking, reading threads) you might have found out that people who do some of the things you did are often labeled trolls, and universally despised. I didn’t want that to happen to you. I don’t want that to happen to anyone.

You are NEW. You don’t know the rules of the game. You are free to use whatever abbreviations you want. But some people will think you are an idiot. (I wouldn’t)

I just wanted to help, both with the problem, and in your process of becoming a regular poster around here. You, however, seem to be an ingrate. So go to hell.

Miscellaneous: You seem to think Wally is kissing my ass. I don’t know why he would; he joined about a month before me and has seniority.

As to your wonderful ethnic joke: Ai\ Yue- Ha
is probably one of the most common male names in China. Perhaps you’d like to explain why you feel the need to insult them, along with me.