All you Californians: Voted? Going to vote?

If you voted, were your polling places crowded? Mine had a line before opening at 7:00 a.m. After I voted and was leaving, there was a line of about 50 people. I wish this many people turned out all the time!

I voted absentee weeks ago. Watch out for those hanging chads!

I checked out my ballot after punching to make sure nothing was hanging, torn, mutilated, spindled or whatever. Just four punches and you’re done; get out and vote, Cali!

I’m going to vote in about three hours. It ticks me off that I have a polling place across the street from where I live, in the same building as my son’s preschool where I drop him off every weekday, and I can’t use it. I just happen to be right across the dividing line for the district, so I have to drive down to the Masonic Temple, where there’s no parking.

Voting as soon as I get off work.

I heard it was just because there are fewer voting places open this time. Or have I misheard something?

Anyway, I already voted. Yay for the Recall, Yay for Schwarzy!


I live in a small town, and the poll workers said they’d been seeing about 20 people per hour. Almost no one there when I voted. I bet it’ll be tremendiously high turnout though.



Lots of people (West LA). But that was more cause the Poll workers had some difficulties. It was kinda painful at the time…

No worries, I did my duty.

Vote early, vote often.

Mary Carey for Gov.!

Yup. You can read all the exciting details here.


Nope, no voting for me today.

Went in at lunch time. To my surprise, it wasn’t too busy, but they said it had been a steady trickle all day. Our county had 25% absentee voting, and they’re expecting a large turnout.

Voted. Took all of my willpower not to vote for Arnold Schwartzenegger. I was pretty sure he’d make a terrible governor, but my appreciation for the absurd almost overrode that.

Even so, I still kinda hope he winds. Kinda.

Going to vote in a little while.

I heard they are expecting something like 80% turnout here in Orange County. Can’t find a cite for that tho.

Come On! If you really valued the absurd, there are certainly more ridiculous candidates available to you (though admittedly not more absurd by much).

Voted. I am mad i couldn’t vote for Coleman for the race was too close.

I’m with you, Tars. But then, I was really only gonna vote Coleman if he had said, “Whatchu talkin’ 'bout, Davis?”

Voted absentee last week.

A friend of mine is one of the minor fringe candidates. I voted for him. If he wasn’t running I would have voted for Flynt.


My place is across the street, in the elementary school. We have electronic machines, no chads for us. About six people ahead of me.

One odd thing - they were checking driver’s licenses. They didn’t at another polling place in the same town. Did anyone check yours?

If Arnie does win, and starts listening to Buffett and raises taxes on the rich, I’ll laugh like hell. It could happen.