All your base are belong to us (revisited, in techno!)

Oh god… and it’s even catchy! I love it!

For those unfortunate enough to have missed the original, it’s from a very poorly made old videogame that… well let’s just say they didn’t get a native English speaker to proof their dialog and the results were quite humorous, and have been taken up by a large portion of the internet population as a sort of rally. The video game intro can be viewed here:

All right, I give up already. This beats Quake. Where do I get it?

I didn’t hear about this until last December. It’s the greatest thing ever.

While I’m sad to say it, AYBABTU has died. It has been replaced by “Why You Throw Chip?” (at least on the UT message board).


Why You Throw Chip, explained (warning, this site is not very appropriate)

My Why You Throw Chip sig (my AYBABTU sig is deleted)

AYBABTU was awesome.

Um. Sorry, but I still think it’s funny and so on despite some group of people on some random message board declaring it “dead”. While their thread may have generated most of the edited images with the “AYBABTU” phrase, they did not originate the phrase nor its hilarity, and their decree of “death” doesn’t really hold much watah.

You’re just jealous because all your base are belong to us. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Dangit OpalCat, it’s gone.
Where’d you find it? How?
I’ve got people here who want to see it again.
You ever see Frankemstein, where the villagers are running around with torches rakes and implements of destruction? I’m in a world of hurt here!

okay, an explanation that doesn’t involve outdated links, non-sequiter message boards and top-heavy jiggle GIF’s is in order here. Anyone?

I lost the URL of the place I found this at so I ll upload it to my own webpsace and hope whoever made this 733T PSP art will forgive me…

This will unzip into a stand-alone exe version of the flash. This is what the site provided as a free download, I hope they don’t mind if I share it with you until we can find them on the web again.

Thanks, OpalCat!
I’d found a MOV but with different voices and no montage at the end.
My life is safe, thanks to you!

Well I don’t know exactly if this is the same thing but I saw this and felt I had to put it here, only to find it at the top!.:slight_smile:

The .mov is the original… that is the actual start of the game. The flash animation is a takeoff from that.

oh my… I just laughed my ass off… the SA is really great with PSP…

All your ass my laugh off. - God