All my base are not belong to you.

Okay, somebody had to do it, so it’ll be me.

As the Weird Earl’s site from the other day claimed, “It was nice and funny for a while. It seemed that it would stay a nice, quiet internet in-joke.”

But it’s not anymore.

To what do I refer? This. More specifically, this: run a search for the phrase “all your base.” You won’t have time to read all the threads.
I don’t know what signal you get, but you best main screen turn on one more time, because you’re getting some faulty information. Let me let you in on a little secret.

All my base are not belong to you. Not even part of my base are belong to you. Not even one of my base are belong to you. In fact, I don’t even have base. And if I did, it most certainly would not belong to you. Even if I did have base, and even if all my base were belong to you, then it still wouldn’t be true. Then it would just be saying “all my base are belong to me.” Because they’re your base.

But they’re not. They’re my base. And they are not belong to you.

So quit whining about it, cats. You go find somebody whose base are belong to you and pick on them, but not us. The SMDB may well be on the way to destruction, but I will fearlessly and boldly take off every ‘zig,’ and be ye warned: I know what I doing. Now get outta here, before I set up you the bomb myself.

Rally, Teeming Millions! Make it clear that the AYB’ers have no chance to survive! Join me in bidding them make their time! Please. It’s for great justice.

Repetition is a wonderful repetition.

Repetition is a wonderful repetition.

Could you possibly start an original thread??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
My God, this “All My base Belong to you” bullshit is getting freaking old, very freakin old…

Just do a Hannibal and cut around my skull, and use a spoon to scoop out my brain because of the “All my base…” needs to be erased and discarded like the shit that we relieve from our bodies on a daily basis.

Make it stop…Make it stop…make it stop.

Dork…do a search, know it’s been covered over and over and over and over and over again here.

Yes, there is a search button up top, use it, know it, learn it, be it…

< puking in a plastic bag now >

Done with rant now…

For starting this redundant thread, I hearby wish that all our Ace of Base belong to you.

And that it plays, forever, in a loop, in your head.

“All your beer are belong to me”


The One,
The Only,
The Norm.

Weird Al should do a song with deep booming riffs titled “All your bass are belong to me.”

I’m still trying to figure out what that middle phrase means. It reads like it was written by the all-your-base people.

It IS getting old…the forums where a lot of the AYBABTU humor originated (where I used to post) decided it wasn’t funny anymore months ago. I think it’s kinda funny when it turns up in places where you wouldn’t expect it, though, like on signs at ball games or hidden in non-related web pages.

:: Derleth locks onto the Zero Wing Main Compound, ground zero for everything AYB. ::

:: He begins to visualize the weapon he’s packing. Strapped to his F-22 is an antimatter bomb with enough reactant mass to blow the compound into a low orbit…around Neptune. ::

:: As he gets closer to the compound, he hears the tone that tells him he has a hot pickle. ::

:: He flips up the protective guard on his control stick. ::

:: He pushes the little red button. ::

:: Meanwhile, the compound is alive with klaxons. The Japanese radar has finally picked up his low-observability aircraft, and has alerted the anti-aircraft personnel. One of them makes a frantic statement: ::

Someone has set us up the bomb!

:: Derleth, feeling flush with victory, makes the only appropriate statement as he gets the hell out of Dodge: ::

You have no chance to survive make your time.

:: Boom. ::


It is old but I still enjoy showing it to people who have no idea what it is. Sort of like getting someone to watch Star Wars who has never seen it before. Sure you just watched it last week and don’t want to watch it for another year but indoctrinating your friend is worth it to watch again.

That Weird Earl link was sweet. FF is by far my favorite game for the NES. I’ve beat that game so many times I’m currently doing it with four white mages. (It’s going to take awhile.)

What happen ?

What you say!!

Lighten up and move ‘zig’.


Would someone please set me up the bomb?

I can’t take it anymore.

Milossarian said:

I broke into violent laughter at this statement.

I saw a sign on Wrestlemania… nobody in the group I was with had ever heard of it. Surprised me, though!