All your base are belong to us. Huh?

In the “Foxtrot” comic strip published today (03/12/01) Jason says to his parents “All your base are belong to us.” (I looked for a link but the official Foxtrot web site is about a month behind posting the comics). I am as clueless as the parents in the strip and have no idea what that particular phrase refers to. Could someone enlighten me?

Oh sweetie. I’m a newbie, and I know that there have been multiple posts on this subject. Go here

It’s a display of terrible translating from a game called Zero Wing. For more info on this game, I suggest you go here

(go to the only FAQ there is.) Good luck, and hope you find this enlightening.

Among others.

You are witnessing one of those bizarre cultural phenomena that happen from time to time. There was a fairly unremarkable Japanese video game called “Zero Wing”. It was translated into English for US distribution - very badly. The translation included the phrase “All your base are belong to us”. This phrase has struck the collective funnybone apparently, and is being inserted into all sorts of contexts:

:warily peeks in:

Is secretly dissapointed that Coldfire didn’t get to him first.

Is it me, or is this developing into a new “-gry” phenomenon ?

S. Norman

I thought it was hilarious!
Not because I am intersted in the whole thing, but because it has been a pretty hot topic around here lately.
My husband thought I had really lost it when I started giggling uncontrolably.
See, he doesn’t come here and has no knowledge of the whole thing either.

I was wondering how many others here thought of the boards right away after reading that strip.


I didn’t realize it had been discussed before. I only lurk around from time to time so I don’t get to see all the threads. That comic was the first time I’ve run into that phrase.

I did try a search on the board before I posted but I must not have set the date range or search correctly because I didn’t get anything back that answered the question.

Back to lurking.

This is the best site I have seen yet for explaining the history of AYBABTU.

There’s a rumor that the phrase will show up in next season’s ‘Family Guy’.

Alrighty, here’s that rust breadknife you ordered. You may cut at will.


[sub]::eirroc runs to the window and jumps, taking coldfire with her::[/sub]

(Since the thread’s already open)

So what’s the deal with the phrase: “I don’t want to be Elfstar, I want to be Debbie”? I’ve seen it cropping up on two websites already in a similar way as AYBABTU.

That’s (Presumably) a reference to Jack Chick’s anti-D&D tract Dark Dungeons. (All the links I once had to the tract are now dead…:confused: 'Little help?)

Elfstar was Debbie’s character, and when Elfstar died, so did Debbie.

(I think Elfstar/Debbie was the suicide…now that I think of it she might have been the one who ‘repented’ because of it…)

Found another “All your base” site. Its a bastardization of the phenom known as “Am I Hot or Not?”. You can find it here.

Connor, that site is great! Thanks.

Check out this link:

Oh man…this isn’t fair! I spent years playing D&D and no one ever taught me how to cast spells to control my parents. What a gyp!

Uhm pestie, you forgot to tell us that the link was religious propaganda. Shit now I have to burn my D&D manuals, put on a skirt and thump bibles. Fck, Fck, F*ck.

Mermaid that’s what Chick tracts are… all those religious propaganda. I read it (again) and it still looks as dumb as it did the first time to me. Yes some people believe that stuff but it’s just weird and makes me laugh considering I do lots of role playing online and such. shrugs

Please. no more AYBABTU threads. Please stop. For great justice.