Street talk?

**All your base are belong to us. **

What does this mean, and where did it come from? And just to make sure this is pointless…I like red silo cups more than the blue ones.

WAG – from doing a Google search, all I came up with was it comes from a scene in a video game called Zero Wing. Those who don’t have English as a first language found it hilarious, apparently. Some scene where the alien says to the starship captain “All your base are belong to us.” Yeah. A million laughs. :rolleyes:

And zillions of message boards are infected with the phrase. Including this one now. Someone call Disease Control quick!

Zero Wing was a side-scrolling space-shooter for the Sega Genesis. The programmer in charge of translating the original Japanese for the American release had a very poor grasp of the English language… the resultant game-opening sequence has recently acquired a cult-like following.

Thank you for explaining this.