Alleged IDF atrocities in Jenin

Kosovo anyone? (Mass graves, even.)

I suspect this thread will spark another round of useless “you’re another!” arguments: “They did it too, and first, and worse!” Well, the past two weeks definitely shows things are not equal. If the estimate of 500 dead holds up, Israel will have boosted the death rate for this year-and-a-half-old conflict by about 30% in only a week and a half. No suicide bomber ever killed so many so quickly. And, I seriously doubt that all of the dead were “terrorists.”

Even if the allegations turn out not to be true (which I doubt), the number of witnesses and the consistency of their stories ought to trigger an international “truth commission”, or peace-keeping troops from non-Mideast countries, or both.

Evidently the IDF has done very well in keeping reporters away.

By the way, I like Colin Powell’s idea of “observers,” but I have my doubts as to whether that would be enough.