Allegedly, David Cameron once shagged a pig.

Top Tory Lord Ashcroft reveals that David Cameron once shagged a pig.

It’s possible it’s not true, but as an initiation ceremony for a club founded on the principles of excessive drinking and sexual debauchery, I find it feasible.

So does almost everyone else in the UK. That’s what strikes me most - not that he probably did this, but that it totally fits with his character. We literally elected a pig-fucker, twice. :smiley:

The press has spent the past week making up lies about the leader of the opposition but I think they’re going to have to take a break for a few days after this. I mean, it’s nowhere near as bad as bills that effectively prevent strikes from ever happening, or reducing tax credits for working people by enormous amounts, etc, but it is way, way funnier.

Seems kosher.

But not in the same manner as PM Michael Callow?

Have you seen this short documentary film about a politician going out for nature hike? No nudity, but it does contain disturbing images that might not be suitable for work:

Who among us has not, on special occasion, shagged a pig? Judge not lest ye be judged.

And, allegedly, someone has a photo…

And who is the senior MP who was a uni contemporary of Cameron?

looks at Bullingdon Club photo

Hmmm that looks like Boris Johnson…

At 3am in the nightclub/bar when the beer goggles are on high beam…it happens.:o

Well, I knew Cameron was posh, but that party sounds like it was very lard-di-dah. If Cameron did tender loin, he could well be for the chop.

He certainly got a lardon.

Anyway, what kind of monster listens to Supertramp when they’re getting stoned?

You knew someone would squeal.

Sadly, PMQs won’t be happening this week as it’s conference season. Otherwise Corbyn’s crowdsourcing technique could go badly wrong. “Millions have sent in questions, but alas all on the same topic. Instead, I’d like to ask the Prime Minister if he too feels that the media sometimes overstretch themselves in pursuit of a headline?”

(Seriously: one anonymous source unsupported by documentary evidence, reported at second hand by a man with a serious grudge who is too rich to care about libel law? On a story that is clearly too good not to print? I’m taking it as gospel, personally.)

It being reported in the right-wing Mail actually lends it veracity. And the thing is, hardly anyone’s doubting it, and that’s significant in itself.

Corbyn wouldn’t ask questions about this, I’m pretty sure. He’s not a fan of the tabloids and is more interested in policies than personalities. Even under his “send in your questions” he’s thing not obliged to rank questions by number of askers and put them to the PM.

The reasons no-one’s doubting it are because it’s plausible and believing it is so much more fun. But imagine if next week the Mail’s story is that Corbyn set fire to an effigy of the Queen while at university, and the evidence is one unnamed man who says that he saw it, and also that he’s seen a photo of the event. Would you believe it? I wouldn’t. A lot of people would be happy to believe it because it’s plausible, it fits with what we do know of his politics, and it suits them to treat it as true - but I’d want to see some actual proof. Same here.*

Corbyn would never ask questions about this, of course. But I like the image (nicked from Twitter) of him going through a stack of emails: “Pig, pig, pig, oh here’s one from… no sorry, pig , pig. Bear with me Prime Minister.”

What is interesting (as opposed to just hilarious) about this is that it shows just how power really works in this country. Cameron’s been part of the elite since Eton, but there’s a price to be paid for membership and he’s paying it now. As laid out here:

*Given the nature of the proof I’m in two minds about seeing it, to be honest. It’s not the sort of image you’d forget in a hurry.

If the evidence were from one of Corbyn’s former very good friends, and it was published in a a left-wing rag, then people probably would believe it (even those who don’t believer other smears) and I would understand it. I’d actually give it a lot of credence in that situation, too.

Tories will do anything to support the police; sometimes things go wrong.

Anyway, whilst few will doubt this, knowing old Dave — "‘E’s a lad, isn’t he ?’" Tories chuckle — apparently the Russian Embassy latched on to following a new Twitter account: @Cameron’sPig. Tag: ‘We all make mistakes.’
**@David_Cameron it was a one time thing. Stop texting me.

The whole episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Look, it’s embarrassing for me too.

*“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” *

It was a girl pig though, right? No gay stuff.

Well, I’m more inclined to believe Cameron fucked a pig than I would have been before the allegation was made. But without seeing the evidence I’m worried I may be buying a pig in a poke.

It was wondered at the time why Cameron sank so much political capital into forcing gay marriage through.

What a silly sausage.