allow me to introduce myself...

Let me tell you a little about me.
First off, my screen name is “inoci”. It doesn’t mean anything. When I was trying to think up a spiffy screen name at another board a while back, i came up with this. If you know what it means in any backwater languages, please tell me. I know it’ll probably mean something like ‘pig-feces’, but at least it’ll mean something. I just wanted something that was unique, and vaguely pronouncable when I came up with it. I think it worked.
I’m a sysadmin my trade. Many of you seem to be smart enough to know what that means, so I won’t go into much detail. I don’t have much formal training in it though, and my interaction with users is largely based on the BOFH episodes.
I’m a geek. Though this should have been obvious when I said what I do for a living, I feel that it can’t be stressed enough. I like sci-fi, math and computers. I fear the big blue room, and I can no longer focus on 3D objects. I have the social graces of a stubborn mule, and I have difficulty with not being obsessive about details. I honestly feel that if it isn’t generated by a cathode ray tube or a grouping of well organized electrons of some sort, it isn’t worth dealing with.
I live in Indianapolis, so if any of you are also here and get really bored, let me know. If any of you wish to stalk me, inquire to my email and I’ll let you know my schedule.
I’m gonna stop here, mostly because I don’t know what else to say. And also because I’m bored.


From that display and i can safely say you will fit in fine here.

Hi! Welcome to the SDMB. Have fun and enjoy your stay.

Hej there!
I’m Anniz and I’m from Sweden.
I’m a newbie here too.
Välkommen = welcome!
To me it seams like a great place.
Have fun.:slight_smile:

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Yer pal,

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welcome and enjoy the fun!!!

That’s cool inoci, I’m a hoosier too, though a transplanted one. Next time I’m in Columbus I will look you up!

Gee, I haven’t stalked anyone in a long time. Sounds fun, but I just don’t have the time. Well, I’ll look forward to reading your posts anyway.

I, too, am new. I’m originally from Michigan, but I’m currently in Baltimore, Maryland, for my master’s program in e-commerce. I did my undergraduate work in poetry at the University of Michigan, so I’m not sure that I qualify as a geek, but I know that I still harbor some animosity towards the Hoosiers during basketball season.

The people here seem to be articulate, well-educated, and entertaining, but I know relatively little else about any of them. Your introduction made me feel a little more at home; I hope my reciprocation does the same for you. I’m sure I’ll see your posts.


This makes it obvious that you are, indeed. a newbie. Don’t worry, come to some of the threads I participate in and I’ll see what I can do to shatter any illusions you have.

Hello! Enjoy your stay!

Howdy, newbies!

Make yourself at home! Since Ranger Jeff doesn’t post here (at least not to my knowledge) I’m going to take over as chief brander. Now who’s first? ::puts branding iron over the fire::

Well, * it’s martini time! *
Welcome…have one. :smiley:

Argh…forgot stupid “disable smileys” thingy, oh well. You guys know what I mean. :^)

Bless you, Myrr, for the invitation for martinis. It will make the branding session infinitely more tolerable.

Yo, inoci. Welcome.

Just a quick question though, how do you pronounce your name? Hard “C”? Soft “S”? Or…?

Welcome to the board! Pull up a chair…jump in anytime.

Hey there, inoci and Althea. Nice ta meetcha.

(But stay away from Welfy, and anybody else wielding branding irons.)

Welcome inoci. Umm, are you a boy geek, or a girl geek? :smiley:

Welcome you newbies. Let me corrupt your minds with squick and felch definitions. ::maniacal laughter::