Allow me to re-introduce myself

After four and a half years at the Dope, I’ve changed my user name. I realized that I’ve used my old name as an Internet nom de plume for a long time now, and that my anonymity might be slightly compromised as a result. I wish to continue posting TMI stuff about myself and others without consequences, thus the name change. I’m sure that no one actually gives a rat’s ass, but I’m imagining this is the courteous thing to do.

Anyway, essvee is now, officially, Soul Brother Number Two. Thank you for your kind attention. Carry on.

Who’s Number One these days?

Hello again!

This brings up a very important question. Do we bring out the goat for name changes?

Name changes are recipient’s choice. So what’ll it be: Goat, Gnu or Emu?

Spoiler for the Prisoner:

You are, Number Six.

Soul Brother Number One is and always will be the hardest working man in show business, James Brown.

If I get to pick, I pick the goat. I’m a traditionalist.

So, a Soul Brother, a goat and a saxophone walk into a bar…

… what? Have you heard this one already?