Allow me to share my experience watching "HERO"

I just saw the movie “Hero” a little while ago and I used up my all my money to pay for my brother and I and it was not worth it at all…the movie was good I suppose but let me tell you why I couldn’t really enjoy it.
“Anaconda” and “Hero” were playing at the same time and I wanted to see Anaconda but my brother insisted that we see Hero and feeling nice I agreed.
We get in the theatre and we both find out that the movie is subtitled which was fine with me but my brother was completely bummed. 10 minutes into the movie he is bored and kept making these loud comments at the screen. In this particular theatre we couldn’t have just went to another screen because they check tickets but my brother says “forget this I’m going to see another movie” only to come back 3 minutes later saying he almost got kicked out and the theatre guy was an “asshole”.
Anyway he liked the fight scenes but anytime the people were just talking my brother was squirming around and making snoring noises and I told him to be quiet a few times but it didn’t work for long because when we were leaving I heard a guy complaining that the “smart aleck little shit” in front of him kept talking through the movie and I’m pretty sure he had to be talking about my brother. All in all I like my brother, I liked the movie but the 2 of those things together are like oil and water they don’t mix.

Your brother is a dick. You should demand he repay you for the ticket.

I never thought of that…I’m getting my money back. :smack:

My own brother is hearing-impaired and often has trouble following the dialogue in movies. As a result, he prefers to rent DVDs and watch them with the subtitles/close captioning turned on. When a rare subtitled movie actually plays in theatres in our neck of the woods he looks forward to seeing it on the big screen.

When he and I went to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a couple of high school aged twits behind us started complaining with comments like “I came here to watch a movie not read it!”, etc. My brother (who would have to have been completely deaf not to overhear their pathetic whingeing) stood up, turned around and said, rather loudly, “What, are you too lazy to read, or too stupid!?” The twits looked appropriately stunned and shut up for the rest of the film. Of course, it helps that my brother is 6’3" and built like a tank.

BTW, we’re probably going to get together to see Hero sometime this weekend. I’m quite looking forward to it.

Did he say that out loud enough so everyone heard it? I hope he did.

I will probably watch Hero very soon.