Almost hit a deer

I was out riding my motorcycle last night with a friend through a quiet area with nice, twisty roads and little traffic. We exited a small center of town, typical of NH/MA, and were cruising west doing about 40 mph. We clear a left curve and see a minivan stopped on the shoulder a ways up the road. The van had no flashers on, but it’s back-up lights were lit, with the van not moving. Not really sure what the van driver was thinking, we slowed down and passed with plenty of room. The road curved slightly to the right after that, and as we came to the turn, a deer bound out of the brush across our path! I just wonder what would have happened had that van not been there. If we hadn’t slowed, we’d have arrived at the spot the deer appeared just as it was making it’s way to the brush. Would I have nailed it? Would I have had an accident (I wear full gear, and at that speed not a huge problem, but my poor bike!)? Weird how things can happed and make you think ‘what if’? :confused:

I would have turned back to see if the van vanished. cue Twilight Zone theme

The White Tailed Deer is the official animal of both our noble states. They can total a car here in the South, and they get bigger up there. I 'spect it would have hurt considerable. Glad you didn’t. :slight_smile:


I can tell you at that speed it would have been a problem, and it hurts. I hit a deer on my bike going around 50 eight years ago. Caught it square between the legs and carried it for a bit. Then I fell down and slid for awhile. Hurt like hell, but I was able to take the bike to the shop a couple of days later.

It’s amazing how fast the mind can think “Oh shit”. I also never knew that deers can grunt, at least they can when you hit them with a motorcycle.

For some reason I read the thread title and it seemed like the name of a song. I almost heard the refrain in my head. Wonder what I was thinking of.

“Almost cut my hair” (CSNY) is what popped into mine.

Eight hours after passing my driving test, I nearly hit a stray horse head-on, which was happily trotting towards me down a foggy lane. Seeing that shape emerge from the mist was very scary!