Almost lost my life today.

I was stuck by a car, but scrambled out of the way of the wheels.
A new SUV.
A woman lean out the window & cursed me for not watching where I was going.
I shouted that I was going to call a cop.
She smirked, & said “so call a cop”.
She drove off.
I couldn’t read the dealer’s temporary car tag.
I’m not hurt.
But I am a nervous wreck.

I hope you did call the cops! And go to the hospital and have your injuries checked out. And take pictures of any bruises the develop.

Jesus some people are assholes. Glad you’re ok!

Very glad you’re not hurt – now please call the cops, if you haven’t.

I’m not injured.

And I didn’t call the cops.

No witnesses, no plate #, & while it was an SUV, I could tell the model. Those damn boxy things all look the same to me, especially with my bifocals.

Sounds to me like hit & run. Call the cops, go to the doctor and thoroughly document every scrape, bruise ache or pain - including the emotional trauma. Keep in mind even though you feel okay right now, tomorrow some muscles could seize up causing more pain.

Do you at least remember the color of the SUV? How large of a city do you live in? There can’t be that many SUVs with dealer plates running around.

Blue & white.

But I don’t want to get into this, with the courts & stuff.

I “won” a lawsuit, recently, but never collected a dime.

I almost got busted by airport cops for taking the same morning stroll I’ve done for 10 years, near my job at Nashville International. The air fuzz were showing off their “efficiency”.

I seem to come out on the short end of things whenever I try to go to the law.

Since I’m not hurt, I just want to vent a little.

Did you see which dealer’s tag it was, even if you didn’t get the plate number? If your area is anything like here, the dealership should have a record (usually a photocopy of the drivers license) of anyone who test-drove one of their cars.

It’s got temp dealer plates, shouldn’t be that hard to check dealers for recent sales. Call the police, check with a doctor, you may wake up tomorrow and feel some hurt. It’s hit and run, at least file a report. Can you give a description of the driver?

I’m glad to hear you’re not hurt, treat yourself well tonight.

Was it a shopping center or something more specific like a doctors office? I know you’re in the mindset that you’re fine so forget it… But people like that who callously drive like it is their right to be an asshole shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Who knows, the next person that meets them might get hurt.

If its a more specific place you could, with a little time, go to the cops and they might, based on your description, talk to the businesses right there and see if they could get a suspect that matches.

If I were you I’d do it. She’ll think twice about being a jerk if a cop comes knocking at her door with a warning saying “Don’t do that!”

Never mind lawsuits – the woman should be in jail.

No kidding.

Sorry to hear about this. At the very least, I hope you dented her precious SUV, the cunt.

I understand. It just pisses me off when drivers hit pedestrians or bicyclists and drive off.

It happened to me in college. I was in the crosswalk when a drunk driver blew off the stop sign and hit me. I bounced on his hood, hit his windshield and rolled off in the gutter. The driver stopped, and in an obviously slurred voice said, “hey man, are you okay?” I was still stunned so I just got up and “I’m okay!” The only thought going through my head was “I just got hit by a car! How embarrassing, I hope no one was looking.” He sped off and it took me a few moments to realize, “that guy was drunk, he hit me, and I didn’t even think to get his plate.”

Same thing happened to a friend, only on a bike. Car hit him, knocked him off his bike, the driver stopped and while still stunned, my friend said “I’m okay.” Car sped off. After the stun wore off he realized he wasn’t okay, he kinda hurt, and his bike was broken.

Pisses me off when drivers speed off while you’re still too stunned to think clearly.

Bosda you’ve got to take care of yourself. You’re one of my fave dopers. If you get knocked off by some git in an SUV, I’ll have to hunt her down, which will be kind of a pain.

Glad you’re okay but a few seconds either way – I hate to think.

She really needs to be tracked down. Any security cameras in the area that might have caught it on tape? Yeah, I know – too much CSI. But it’s worth a shot.

I understand the reticence to get involved with the police, but consider if you’d been smaller, frailer or simply slower and couldn’t have gotten out of the way. If she could hit you, hit you, a person with her vehicle, then blame you, get snotty and drive off, she is not someone who should be driving. Her callous disregard for human life could very well get someone killed, and soon.

My husband and I were in a car accident on November 28. That was a Friday afternoon and we were on our way to a funeral. We seemed to be OK and the car was driveable, so we carried on. Chatted about it, had a cup of tea and some cookies, drove home, etc., etc. By Monday morning I was in such agony I could scarcely move, I mean REAL pain, and I’m still sore and stiff and feel like an invalid.

Go to the cops, at least, and report the incident. Get to a doctor or ER. You could be injured more seriously than you think.

Jesus, Bos!

Hell, I know why you might not follow my advice;):D, but listen to your fellow dopers! It was a hit and run, and you was da hit 'n runee!

You really need to do something about that.


I wear bifocals.
So, no.

I was crossing a small, little-used side street.
She drove up to the corner, looked left, but not straight ahead, & then ran into me.
I had to scramble, got caught with the corner of her bumper.

I feel a little better now, after a night’s sleep.