Almost too funny to laugh

{There’s no link, but it’s a short selection. I’m sure it won’t hurt to reproduce it here}

From Harper’s:


[From an August 18 decision resolving a complaint filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center by Tata Sons Limited, an India-based conglomerate, against, a pornographic website based in New Jersey.]

It is clear that an integral part of the domain name registered by the Respondent in this case, namely “tatas,” is confusingly similar, and almost identical, to the Complainant’s trademark TATA.

The Complainant contends that the use by the Respondent of the impugned domain name is aimed at taking a “cash ride” on the Complainant’s image and status. The provision of sexually explicit and pornographic material on the website under the name TATAS is likely to cause bewilderment, if not astonishment, on the part of customers of the Complainant. Many would be unable to come to terms with a situation whereby a company would be prepared to lend its name and well-known mark to pornography – something that is so contrary to Indian values.

It is true, of course, that the Respondent has used “tata” plus the addition of the letter “s,” whilst the Complainant’s trademark has no “s.” This, however, is of no benefit to the Respondent, as the Tata Group of Companies is collectively referred to as the “House of Tatas” or “Tatas” throughout the world.

One might think, nevertheless, that the inclusion of the word “bodacious” in the domain name registered by the Respondent, taken together with the addition of the letter “s” to TATA, could create a sufficient distinction between the Complainant’s TATA, on the one hand, and the “Bodacious Tatas” on the other. Such a contention, however, is untenable by virtue of the very high level of goodwill that both TATA and TATAS have acquired.

The addition, therefore, of a word like “bodacious” and the addition of the letter “s” do not render the domain name any less confusingly similar. Indeed, the opposite is true, particularly when one considers most of the meanings attributed to the word “bodacious.”

The Panel entirely agrees with the Complainant and directs that the registration of the domain name be canceled forthwith.

Bwahahahah. Thanks for a good laugh.

Ya mean those of us of Brit descent can’t say “Ta-ta” no more?

Damn. Oh well. TTFN.


Rad, dude. that’s one tubular story. :slight_smile:

I mean, if this is an international committee, didn’t somebody know that `tatas’ was a word in English?

I just want to know if, at any point during the proceedings, they screened Animal House in the courtroom.