Unfortunate Company Names

This afternoon, I realized that with minimal shuffling of letters,

Deloitte & Touche --> Toilette & Douche
Anybody else noticed any names recently that could easily be anagrammized into something mockable or were just plain poorly thought out to begin with?

I always thought the employment-statistics firm Challenger Gray & Christmas just sounded goofy.

Then there was the hoity-toity investment firm on SNL with a very impressive-sounding name that was too late getting a website, and the only name left was clownpenisfart.com.

I have an ex who summered at Payne and Fears. It’s a law firm in California.

Well, remember when women’s magazines used to advertise “Lose Weight With Ayds”?

(Ayds were these little chocolate candies that you were supposed to be appetite suppressants.)

There used to be a Colflesh Funeral Home in suburban Philly, but I think they changed the name.

And near here is Payne Furniture.

I shop at BJ’s.

I used to work at the Richardson Vicks plant in Germany. But they called it “Wicks” in Germany, since W is pronounced as a V, but more importantly Vick would be pronounced fick.

On a street I occasionally drive is a business whose sign merely reads “Onan”. I don’t know what they do; it looks like a trailer sales or storage lot or something.

And I’m not googling it to narrow it down.

Karson Kartage and Konstruction

No, really, that’s what they called it.

Maybe they sell grass seed.

There was a construction company in Austin, Texas called “Mammoth Erections”.

It’s ironic that one would think that would be a huge Google hit from porn websites and V1ag4@ spammers, but most of the hits for “Mammoth Erections” are about the actual construction company name.

I always thought FLUKE was a hell of a name for high end multimeter’s, etc. I think they are named after the founder.
80/20 makes aluminum extrusions and accessories that are like an industrial erector set. They are named after the idea that you get 80% of the result with the first 20% of effort. I always hear it as our products are only 80% as good as they could be.

There’s a kebab shop in London near Paddington called Lolita’s Kebab. They used to be called Lolita Express, which I guess is even more unfortunate.

I always thought it was funny that investors would look for credit ratings and such from a company called Standard and Poor’s. Two words that convey mediocrity and low quality.

I served 2-1/2 of the longest years of my life in the 1st Infantry Division, nicknamed “The Big Red One” due to its unit patch. That was always good for some black humor.

Not strictly a company name, but good for a few laughs - years ago, GE Nuclear set up a website for the Italian market. The domain? genitalia.it.


Mole Station River Nursery

A plant nursery, who’s url used to be www . molestationnursery . com (broken cause now it’s a spammer and I hate those bastards).

Snap-on Tools has taken a lot of ribbing over the decades for its name.