Unintentionally hilarious company URLs

The most famous of these are fairly well known, such as the URL for Who Represents (www.whorepresents.com). There’s a list of some other well-known ones here.

I found one locally here in the Quad Cities for a towing company named Ince’s. The URL is, yes, www.incestowing.com.

Anyone else found some gems among their local business URLs?

Hmm…why, when I read that list, do I hear them spoken by Sean Connery?

Well, it’s not local, but I noticed recently that Dick’s Sporting Goods finally got dicks.com away from the porn site that used to own it.

Which I only know about because sometimes when I’m shopping for sporting goods, I type faster than I think.

Not a company URL, but my company once had an employee whose last name was Nuss, and whose first name began with A. Naturally all company email addresses were in the form of first initial, last name, all lowercase.

I just deployed an internal site that contains a custom form called, “Authorization Request for Service”. I created the URL according to the form acronym. Couple of years ago I created a url for the Finance & Accounting Group.

yeah… sometimes I’m 12.

You know, everyone always talks about that format with a story of some poor schlub getting a terrible email address but I was envious of the B. Eastman at my last company :smiley:

There’s a custom pen shop named “Pen Island” who has a horrid URL.

Urgh… saw OPs list, there it was.

B. Eastman. That’s awesome. Too bad there’s not a “Bob Atman” at the company as well.

I worked on a project for www.mofo.com.

They seemed quite proud of it, and in conference presentations would say, “Yes, we are MOFO!”

a buddy of mine’s name ended in -ner and his first name was Dave. So the email was last name, first initial, or --nerd@____.com

Well, there’s Air Systems of Sacramento, which used to have a fleet of trucks with an 80s-ish stylized acronym all over them. Their URL is… aw, boring, airsystems1.com. Wonder if that’s new?

Not a company, but www.cincinnatireds.com always catches my eye during games. Where’s Cincinna, and what’s so fatiguing about it?

I once had to send an email to an A. Nally in that format.


kidsexchange.net, children’s consignment shop.
And their physical sign doesn’t make it any clearer.

Giant in the Playground, the site for the online D&D comic strip The Order of the Stick, has the URL GiantITP.com…or, in all lower-case, giantitp.com. :slight_smile:

A site for the Ottawa Senators of the NHL was blocked at work for the longest time, but it’s been resolved apparently.


NASA once had a page that was getting blocked by all the web filters… The url ended with “marsexplorer.html”.

Is Pen Island more than a spoof? I’m pretty sure it used to be a spoof years ago, but it looks different now.

But it still has hints spread throughout the site, such as:

Their motto: Your pen is our business

From their FAQ page:
Q: Can I provide my own wood?
A: In most cases we can handle your wood…

Yes. Yes they do.

It’s since been changed but not that long ago if you wanted to work for Blackberry you would head on over to [noparse]http://rim.jobs[/noparse].

Wasn’t he the Congressman who resigned after pictures of his junk got into the public domain?