Clever or stupid company names

I think it might be amusing to share some company names that we think are either exceptionally clever or amazingly stupid. The only rule is that they need to be real companies, not hypothetical (that would be too easy). Here are a couple to start:


Kickin Asphalt (road milling and resurfacing)


  1. Counter Intelligence (Countertop installation - seemed clever at first, then they screwed up our order and the innuendo in their name became apparent.)

  2. Along the same lines as #1 is a logistics company called Intelligent Decisions. I’ve never worked with them so maybe they are brilliant. But I’ve worked for a variety of corporations and small businesses enough to know that every company occasionally makes really blindingly stupid decisions.

Master Bait & Tackle - all your fishing needs in Bonita Beach, FL. And their website, of course, is


Their slogan: “We are stiff competition”. True.

There’s an energy company:
Peoples Natural Gas

That’s the kind of thing that could be accidental, but it makes a person wonder.

There is, or used to be a company around here called Rapid Erection. They built scaffolds.

There was a used car dealer in Boise, ID:

Fairly Reliable Bob’s

I always laugh when I see the Bimbo’s Bakery trucks go by.

We have a bait and tackle shop called The Happy Hooker.

Suck-Cess Drain Services operate round our way. They empty septic tanks and cess pits.

There’s probably a dozen companies around here that will take our shit away. Only one of them has a funny name. Guess which one I use? :slight_smile:

I was in several meetings with a senior member of the US expansion team (they started as a Mexican bakery, bought up a lot of the Hostess plants and infrastructure as part of their move here). He was completely aware of the name issues and made a bimbo joke about every three minutes.

When I lived in Abu Dhabi, there was a store with an English name of Butt Sweet House.

I have no idea what they sold there–I was to timid to enter…:cool:

(Seriously, it was a candy/sweet shop–but I still never bought anything there).

In the “telling it like it is” department, we have Big Ass Fans. They do indeed manufacture some very large fans suitable for ventilating commercial structures.

“Nigaz”, a joint venture between Gazprom and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, was a pretty bad choice.

Do they have an Attitude?

There is a restaurant/bar on the Lake of the Ozarks in MO called “Big Dick’s Halfway Inn”.

On Anna Maria Island in Florida, there’s a woman who does business as Shady Lady Horticultural Services.

I love the way that name works on both levels.

I bought a loaf of their bread in a grocery store in Florida a couple weeks back. Couldn’t resist. My wife cracked up when she saw the label.

Also on their page: “You can’t beat our bait.”

Is this (Bimbo bakery) a well-known product name in much of the USA? The stores around here (Extended San Francisco area) certainly have it.

A local exterminator company called

American Exterminators
Sounds like a terrorist group.

We had these put up at a hangar where I worked, and the *Big Ass Fan *name/logo was on the fans and on the power box on the wall (right by one of the office entrances in the hangar, in fact). I thought it was a bit unprofessional to have that hanging in a government building, but would still enjoy it when I would see school kids pointing and giggling whenever I gave school tours.