Amusing Business Names

While on a driving trip from Detroit burbs to Chicago Burbs, I spied alot of interesting and amusing business names. Some where, dare I say, even cute.

A sampling of the ones that wrote down after I decided to turn my musings into a thread.

Peter Piper’s Pizza

Hair-a-scope ( hair salon)

Garbage Gobblers ( trash company. This is from TX from a trip that I went on 9 years ago.)

Chicken Coop Fish and Chips. ( I’m a little confused on where they are getting the fish and chips from.)

“Mr. Bulky” - I always thought this should be a men’s big and tall shop, but alas, it is a bulk candy store.

Master Bait & Tackle

Country Cuzzins.
Something about this just doesn’t sit right with me.

Did you know that they changed the name because they stopped selling chicken there. It’s true, it’s made of soylent green and backwash. I read it on a bathroom wall so it’s gotta be true. I’ll tell you what else ::slap:: HEY! WHO DID THAT? :mad:

Well down here in Florida we have:

Cheap Guys Computers (great for fried modems)

Big Al’s Hubcaps

Circus A Go-GO (strip joint)

Choo-Choos Chinese

I went to a restaunrant in Chicago called:

Dick’s Last Resort

I’m sure I’ll think of more.

There’s also
The Happy Hocker Pawn Shop. [Nearly every time I read this sign, I replace Hocker with Hooker.]

In Southern Louisiana: Bayou Jeaux (say: “Joe’s”)

“Allred Optical”

I saw a store in Vegas called Strip T’s. Mostly T-shirts and tourist stuff.

A couple of car rental chains got cute: Rent-A-Dent and Rent-A-Wreck.

My hair lady’s shop is called “Turning Heads.” Another one in town is “A Cut Above.” Seems like hairstyling salons get cutesy more than just about any other business.

Frigidaire started out as Frigid-Air, as in the refrigerator. Lots of people still call their fridges fridgidaires, even if they’re not Frigidaire but might be G.E. or Maytag or Kenmore. Just thought I’d throw that out.

I didn’t really have any good ones, did I?

W.C. Potts plumbing fixtures, Winnipeg.

D’oh! How could I forget? The optometrist in my town is Dr. Gazaway.


One of these days, I’m actually going to find out what business they’re in.

There’s a web hosting company that specializes in Windows NT servers. They call themselves simply “We Are NT Hosting”. That’s all fine until they have to make it a URL:

“So, if you aren’t hosting, what are you doing?”

When I was down in Oak Ridge this summer, there was a place called “Atomic Pawn.” We were never entirely sure why it was disturbing, but it was.

I rented a '69 Goat from Rent-A-Wreck for a week in L.A. in '89. They had hearses and go-boys galore. That car was a lot of fun.

I ran a business for several years named SeisImage (seismic imaging of prospective oil & gas reservoirs) that I’m sure several of my prospects’ secretaries concluded was to be written as Size Image and I just know they thought I was some sort of plastic surgeon.

Here in the frosty north, the Seven-Eleven chain of convenience stores was recently bought out by a company calling itself CUM-N-GO.

They even spell it that way.

Our favorite breakfast place here in San Francisco is a crepe restaurant called “Squat ‘n’ Gobble”.

I agree. Around here, we have “Curl Up and Dye” and “Making Waves.”

I remember seeing an electronics store in Seattle called “Bozotronics.” The logo wasn’t a clown, though – it was a little dog.

“I need a new CD player. Think I’ll go to Bozotronics.”

Drapery cleaning, IIRC.