Punny business names

Someone in my neighborhood had some landscaping done recently. The company they hired left a sign in their yard. That company’s name? Lawn and Order Landscaping Service.

I also noticed a trailer recently for a business called Just Nailed It Handyman Service.

Have you seen any good pun business names lately?

The German food store that was (at least originally) based in Forest Park Queens bears the name “Forest Pork”.

Pink Taco

I saw this restaurant review last month and was mighty impressed.

There’s an electrical company around here called Wong Brothers. One of their trucks carried a sub heading under the logo, “Two Wongs make a light.”

There appears to be multiple companies across the country that are called Peoples Natural Gas.

There used to be a restaurant in Montreal called Vladimir Poutine, where every menu item (yes, poutine being one of them) was named after a world dictator or politician. However, now it’s reportedly closed for good.

In Australia, there’s an event coordinator called My Little Peony, a riff on the name of the media franchise My Little Pony.

I haven’t seen them myself, but I’ve heard their used to be a hair salon in Chicago, I think, called American Hairlines. Their logo was a pair of scissors resembling the old American Airlines eagle logo. They had to change their name after getting a cease and desist letter from the airline.

A dog-grooming shop in Seattle named “Doggie Style”.

Barbershop called “The Mane Event”. (Yes, I really saw that somewhere.)

When I was a kid, there was a gift shop in San Diego named “Just For the Halibut”. For years I thought it was a seafood restaurant because of the punny name and I was greatly disappointed when I found out it wasn’t.

In Cartersville, Georgia, there’s a bail bond agency: Bond James Bond, Inc.

A Canadian trucking company is named Fluke Transport. Its motto: “If it gets there on time, it’s a Fluke.”

A Thai restaurant in Honolulu is called To Thai For.

There was a restaurant here called “ghoti”. They eventually went away. I know that most people didn’t get the joke. (Ghoti - Wikipedia)

A pet groomer called “Haute Dogs”.

It is with a sense of inevitability that I report:


My favourite was always a chinese restaurant in a suburb called Shirley, Birmingham UK, called the Shirley Temple.

Also, if you’ve heard of the large London department store Selfridges, then you might find this off shoot in a London suburb amusing.

There is a hair salon where I used to live named Curl Up and Dye.

A Cornwall, Ontario dumpster rental company is named Call In the Bin. It’s a play on words of the Quebecois French “caline de bine”. A rough interpretation would be “Darn it!” - a milder curse than those clearly referring to articles found in a Catholic church.