Alright, I'm playing the lottery today dangit.

I’m having a bizarre week.

A friend of mine told me yesterday that another mutual friend of our has an “Escort” ad in the local (Dallas) yellowpages. So out of curiosity, I break out the 2000 page phonebook to have a look. Would you believe that the very first page I turned to (with out even trying) was the escort page? Oh, and out of the 2000 page phone book only 2 pages have escort ads on them.

(In case you’re wondering; yes my friend was in there and WOW, what a frick’n trip! I had no idea she was like that!)

Also, just a couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk at work. I went to check my pockets for change to see if I had enough for the soda machine. All I pulled out was a nickle. Out of frustration, I threw the nickle on my desk. It bounced once then landed on its side.

I waited a few moments to see if I could read anybodies mind. Found out I couldn’t and put the nickle back in my pocket. :smiley:

If the gambler’s fallacy is true, you should NOT play the lottery today. :smiley:

Are you kidding? I had Chinese last night at an election event and my fortune said, “You are lucky today. Play the lottery.”

I’m used to them being a bit more oracular.

Sure. A big book like that will usually open up to the page you use the most…

Ha, Ha. Funny.

Can a fallacy be true? Hmm…

Shakes, try to read my mind.

I’m thinking of 6 numbers between 1 and 40. What are they?