Alright, out with it! What is "WAG"?!?

Let me have it…

I’ve figured out IMHO, IIRC, FWIW…even TTTT!

But what in Sam Hell is “WAG”?!?

That would be “Wild Ass Guess” as opposed to a SWAG which is a “Super Wild Ass Guess”

WAG= Wild ass guess

SWAG= Scientific wild ass guess

Ok, I was guessing along those lines…pun not intended.

I kept wanting to think “Well Educated Guess”…but for some reason a small part of my brain didn’t want me to think that…

So, are there any others I should know of before we continue? :smiley:

Here, before this thread is locked

Thank you!

Mods, take her away!

salutes the thread