Alright, who jacked the gas prices?

As I was leaving a friend’s house this morning, I heard that gas prices were just about to get severely jacked up. Got home, and found that sure as heck, they were. I managed to find a gas station that hadn’t raised them yet (I did need gas anyway), but I had to search. We’re talking a THIRTY CENT raise in price here. All of the gas stations were either already raised, or in the process of changing their signs, or as in my case, the station employee was walking out the door with the numbers to change the sign as I was going in to pay (after I’d already pumped the gas, thank Goddess). Who’s idea was this, and why?

The timing of that is very odd… Usually after Labor Day, prices decrease.

I’m gassed up here in Raleigh, but I’m going to Norfolk this weekend. Will report back from the great southeast at that time.

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Dang! Same here in Alaska! What’s going on? (I have to watch myself here, since I work for Big Oil) Has OPEC decided it’s time to jerk us around again? I wonder what the gasoline prices are doing in other parts of the world? Anybody posting from South America or the vastness of the British Empire? Yes, that even includes you folks in Lower Corkscrew…

I’d noticed the price rose here in Michigan about two weeks ago. For premium, it had been like $1.17; next thing I knew it was $1.39 or so. Yikes!

In California we’ve been paying $1.69 or more for all of 1999.

Uh, Cristi, how much does it cost to make that potion? Could it be used as a fuel? Maybe you’re on to something here…

The potion is very inexpensive. That is an idea, Ralf! Thanks!

Forgot to ask, wher in Michigan are you, BunnyGirl? I’m in Flint. The prices for regular went from $1.13 to $1.33, just this afternoon.

yeah, california has expensive gas…Its around $20 a tank and a year back maybe $14.00.

They said some refinery blast in SF was the reason, why I bet they set it off themselves.

The price of a barrel of NYMEX Light Sweet (one of the benchmark prices - probably what is being referred to when you hear it on the new) crude oil closed yesterday @ $22.66. Last December it was in the high $10 range (lowest adjusted for inflation price in ~65 years). The refiners are paying more than double for their feedstock than they were 9 months ago, so it’s not surprising that their product has increased in price. Events in the oil industry have lead to severe fluctuations that dwarf the seasonal price changes in the retail market.

OPEC did initiate production cuts ~4 or 5 mos. ago.

I think the long term trend is toward ever increasing gasoline prices.


I understand a long-term trend, but .20 in one day? Great Caesar’s ghost!

I heard the President on the news today, saying that we had cut off military relations with Indonesia, or was it east Timor? Anyway, are we getting ready for another war or something? Gas prices always jump when that happens.

Cristi, I’m in Lansing. Maybe we should get Shirley, Sly, and whoever I’m forgetting from MI ( :open_mouth: ) and meet for dinner/coffee somewhere!

Drat!!! I always get that embarrassed face WRONG! Let’s try it again! :0 or :o

Sounds like a plan, Bunny! I’m on maternity leave, but since my child is not here yet, I’ve still got time… :slight_smile:

Let’s all get together, for one huge barbecue! Yeah! And we’ll start a “gas fund” for anyone that has to drive for more than 20 miles. :wink:

Do it soon, folks! NYMEX light sweet closed @ $23.55 today!

$1.17 is NOT expensive gas. $1.69 IS :). California has high gas prices (one of the highest in the US right?). As it is, when i fill my tank up, i only put in 15 dollars, even if it doesnt fill it all the way.

whoops, meant to say $1.39 isnt expensive (IMHO). I actually would like it if even the premium gas here were that much (i use regular however).

But wasn’t the oil about $18-19/barrel just a couple of years ago?
Run race fuel, the price is always the same :slight_smile:


In the 70’s gas was about 89cents gal in California. Then the Arabs claimed they were short on oil & needed to raise prices, so it went around $1.29 …yep they said there wasn’t enough oil in the ground.

looks like they lied.

Premium here is over $1.50 a gallon now. I know, it’s not $1.70 like out in California, but dang…I prefer premium, because it does make a difference in mileage (for my car). I’ve been using regular for a while, though. Is there any relief in sight???