ALright. Who's swiping their kids Halloween candy?

That’s right…fess up. How many of you are picking the good stuff out of your kid’s bags?

How could you?

More importantly, how can I get this chocolate off my keyboard??? And anyone wanna trade KitKats for Milky Ways???

I thought ahead this year. While buying the Halloween candy, I bought myself a bag of those orange pumpkin candies to keep at work.

No need to steal from him now that I’ve got my own! :slight_smile:

Straangely enough, my kid isn’t big into candy… she’d pick out a few favorites and dump the rest in a community bowl. Most years, I wound up tossing a lot of it for old age.

Must be a recessive gene from her father…

Don’t have any kids, but I’ll be swiping my siblings’ candy. (As well as the candy we’re giving out…)

Actually, the neighbor lady sent a treat bag over with my sister for me earlier. That was nice, considering I don’t even know my neighbors.

I’m not SWIPING candy. See, around here, we educate our kids about Real Life, and a great thing to know IRL is…

taxes are as inevitable as death. So…

Candy tax.

We want our kids to be prepared to go out into the world, and to have a healthy disdain for taxes. Candy tax. Because we love 'em enough.

You bring back such happy memories. I remember going trick or treating 25+ years ago. We’d come back with pillowcases bursting and my mom would go through them and pick out “crushed, torn-open and oozing” candy so that we wouldn’t get sick. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember seeing her put them in the trash, hmmm. Mom would give us about two days to eat candy and then she would throw it out. My brother used to hide candy in the ceiling tiles and other hidey holes, but mom usually found everything. Except for the time he buried his candy in the back yard and then forgot about it until the following summer. Oooh, yuck.

No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not STEALING their candy. I’m being a good, responsible Mom, INSPECTING it all to make sure that it’s safe.

Actually, I’m really lucky that my kids don’t like the good stuff. While I’m sorting through it to see that it all looks safe, I have them there beside me, so I sort out the stuff they will eat from the stuff they won’t. They’re keeping the tootsie rolls (tons of those suckers!), the plain chocolate (including that cheap Balmer stuff I won’t touch), tootsie pops, lollipops, Reeses and Nestle Crunches. In their throw away stack are the Twixes, the Snickers, the junior mints, peanut M&M’s, caramels, Whoppers, and smarties. Woo-hoo!

And, proof that I must live in a neighborhood with good taste: None of that godawful black and orange wrapped peanut butter crap this year.

Mom of the Black Knight and the Tae Kwon Do guy

Bluesman, that’s a brilliant excuse…AHEM…err, lesson to teach your kids.

I, on the other hand, am stealing candy from the trick-or-treaters that haven’t arrived yet by eating all the Reese’s PB cups and KitKats from the candy bowl.
They go really well with this nice Pinot Noir that I’m drinking. :wink:

Heck yeah. :slight_smile: But then, we just dump it all into a bowl and share it around, so it’s okay, right?? RIGHT?

The kids are 4.5 and 1.5, btw. They got quite the haul tonight and have eaten a few pieces, but aren’t pigging out.