Altered Personality Caused By Marijuana?

Even I think this is a long shot, but i have a friend, who also heard from a friend that some person the latterest friend knew changed after smoking some marijuana for the first time. Are there any reported cases of this, or is it just an elaborate tale?

By “changed” I mean his personality altered slightly (I forget the specifics, perhaps increased paranoia). And I do mean permanently altered, not while high.

I can offer only anectdotal evidence, but I can speak from a lot of exposure. I’ve never seen a definite permanent personality change in a person from smoking pot. I have heard of this happening to people after they do a lot of acid and I know a guy who it is believed this happened to.

It just so happens that on Wednesday, I received my new DVD copy of Reefer Madness in the mail. It is about the “Scourage of Marijuana…Public Enemy Number One!” It portrays “permanent, incurable insanity” sometimes after just one use.

All I have to say is you better beware.

This is purely anecdotal as well as post hoc, so take it with a grain of salt. What used to be a very close friend of mine has turned on me after several decades of using pot and maybe harder drugs and also having a heart attack and a bypass. He will not tell me why–won’t talk to me at all, but I assume it is all a consequence of the decades of abuse of his brain. He was also an extremely talented mathematician who descended into gibberish a long time ago. It is almost enough to make me think drugs should be banned. Almost.

I have seen some people change simply because they were now hanging out with more people from diverse backgrounds and would pick up ideas, tastes in music, etc. just as one would if they suddenly became interested in another topic involving a diverse group of people.

In my younger days I scoured the libraies @ my jr high, the local high school, the local University and the city library before I experimented w/ the Devil’s weed. I cannot recall any mention whatsoever of permanent personality changes from single instance uses of marijuana. I have never seen any instances of this in my personal experience. I can’t rule out the possibility though. I expect that the change was coming anyway, or is due to other factors.
Of course, I’m done experimenting now that I’m growed up.

From personal experience, I concur. Pot doesn’t do much, if anything to you. I haven’t done much pot, but acid can and does change people.

Umm, they are banned. Also, you use the blanket term “drugs”. IMHO, that’s an unfair approach. Drugs are chemical substances much like any food or drink. There are tons of them, varying in effects and toxicity.

Depending on

[li]your specific health[/li][li]psychological state[/li][li]drug’s dosage[/li][li]toxicity[/li][li]behaviour while on the drug, including taking other substances,[/li][/ul]

a certain drug may range from being pretty harmless to a very harmful experience.

Take for example, a friend of mine, who recently tried Ecstasy. He complained about getting f*cked up and never touching the thing again. After a bit more talking, it became known that he was drinking some alcohol while on E. Now, that is a well-known contraindication (liver strain). His take from the whole thing was that Ecstasy was the dangerous component here and hence he isn’t taking it again.

A lot of hallucinogens’ effects depend on your expectations and how you integrate that novel experience without losing track of objective reality. One doesn’t have to go bonkers outwardly or subtly from taking a drug.

I bet you were real fun to party with.