Effects of smoking pot

Ok I have been smoking weed for about a year now and I have noticed a few changes and I’m trying to figure out if weed is the true cause or is it something else bare with me while I give some details. I am 28 and I’m in the best shape of my life. I started smoking last November and when I say smoking I mean I was smoking it was like maybe a quarter of a gram 4 to 5 times a week now it’s like three quarters of a gram 6 to 7 times a week. Well about a few months after I started to smoke I began to start loosing interest in stuff for instance I used to be big on fishing well all year I didn’t go but 2 times all year. But previous years I went at least 2 times a week. Second went video games I would not go to sleep without playing COD well in July that was gone. Third was my sex drive I mean I was the horniest person around I could not go an thirty minutes and not fantasize about sex well that diminished in the past month and that’s really what brought this to my attention because this is not who I am. All I really do now is just chill on the couch and watch tv. What I’m trying to get to is first is this from the pot and second if it is and I quit will everything return to normal or am I screwed and the old me is lost forever please any info will be great and very appreciated before I loose my mind trying to pinpoint what’s really going on.

Just quit for a month or so and see; that will get you a far better answer than asking strangers on the internet.

Some people should just not smoke pot. It makes them lazy, stupid or paranoid. In others it stimulates creativity, imagination and enlightenment.

You clearly fall into the former category…

If it’s hurting your life, quit. I doubt if anything irreparable has been done in a year, so you should be fine.


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Let’s focus on the effects for the OP of quitting marijuana use.

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There are two major downsides to heavy pot smoking: short-term memory loss and, umm…I forgot the second one.

The other is short term memory loss.

I’ve heard different strains have different effects on people. Some actually make you energetic.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado. This rule as it applies to marijuana needs revisiting.

Yes, it’s probably the pot.

If you stop smoking it, everything should return to normal, after some time has passed.

Like chacoguy says, go off it for a month and see how you feel.

Irrelevant, since marijuana is illegal at the federal level throughout the United States, even if this may not be enforced in states where medical or recreational use is legal. Since this board is US-based, and we have members throughout the country, federal standards for illegality prevail. If you wish to discuss the appropriateness of the rules, open another thread in ATMB.


It leads to free-lovism and race music.

Don’t forget to mention the short term memory loss.

Pot use has been associated with the behavioural changes you describe. That doesn’t mean that it truly is but is easy enough to investigate for yourself. Addiction specialists say that regular repeated use of drugs that temporarily affect brain chemistry lead to longer term changes in brain chemistry. Some of the changes may take months of abstinence to return to normal. Do not expect everything to be back to normal immediately.

Pot can be fun and stimulating, but like many things is probably best used in moderation or maybe not at all.

Honestly? It’s different for everyone. The only way to know is to stop smoking the stuff for a month and see how you feel.

What was the second thing?

I’ll say the inevitable—“Dave’s not here, man.”


In my past experience pot is not like booze. If you drink you keep getting drunker as you drink more. Pot you can get a good buzz in the morning, and additional smoking only gives small short lasting effects. Try smoking less and comming all the way down before you smoke anymore, like waiting till the next day. You will get more out of it.

In my experience (and others) there can be benefits with cannabis use, at least if you don’t use it habitually. (excluding medical situations)
However motivation is a problem when it comes to habitual cannabis use. As well as short term memory loss. This is indicative of brain functioning and not just thought patterns.

Fishing. The theory fits here.
Video games. The theory fits here.
Sex drive. Still fits if you think about motivation in terms of what you have a drive to do. On the other hand the regular use of a chemical can make brain alterations, which in tern effects your sex drive. Also cannabis can effect lungs, leading to less blood flow to your brain and genitals. As well, if you feel guilty about cannabis use this can effect you to have less of a sex drive (not feeling worthy)

My suggestion is at least to stop cannabis use (for months if needed) and see if any of these things improve. If they do then if you want to continue to use cannabis I suggest it way less regularly then you already were. For special occasions and all that.


Short term memory is highly overrated.

OP: each time you feel the urge to partake, do a line of coke instead.